Riverdale’s Trevor Stines Dating Affairs & Girlfriend| Age, Height, Instagram & Parents|

He is an arrogant lad flaunting his good looks and affluence on the teen drama Riverdale, based on Archie Comics. Yes! We are talking about, Jason Blossom personified by the charming American actor, Trevor Stines. Apart from the TV show, Riverdale, has the actor appeared in other films? Where could you please your eye with the gorgeous Trevor Stines, other than teen drama, Riverdale?

How young is Trevor Stines age? Isn’t Trevor Stines wiki, something to ride on the curiosity? Get to know everything about Trevor Stines age, height, bio, wiki, Instagram, dating, girlfriend, and parents.

Has Trevor Stines girlfriend?

He is the appeasing beauty on the screen. Similarly, he gropes in interest for Betty Copper on the reel set of Riverdale. What about Trevor Stines girlfriend, behind the screen of a TV show?

Caption: Is Trevor Stines dating?

It emerges as if, he isn’t interested in girlfriend and dating affairs, likewise Jason Blossom. Once, in 2017 Trevor Stines tweeted that he would rather have someone to accompany him with the books than entangling in the dating tales. Oops! Ladies, you must be a book lover, though. Perhaps, he might change his mind and upload about the girl he is attracted to.

The same year, his twitter came up with Trevor Stines’ desire of being a father. He must have been craving for standing as fatherhood beyond the personal spaces.

“This might be kind of personal, but I can’t wait to be a father.”

Trevor Stines Parents

He is an actor as well a poet. Trevor Stines parents must be delighted to have a son, who has affixed career on acting accompanied by poetry. On the same note, he flaunts his family gratitude on the social media too. In 2017, Trevor Stines cheered the mother, who gifted him favorite Oreo on his birthday.


Also, the actor doesn’t leave the father alone on the social feeds. He expressed amazement when his father sent applesauce in the mail.

“My father sent me applesauce in the mail what is happening?”

Trevor Stines Wiki-bio

Born on 15th July 1996, Trevor Stines age is 22 years old. He is a native of Olympia, Washington, United States. The actor stands at the height of six feet and one inch. Trevor Stines Instagram has more than one million loyal fans.

Caption: Trevor Stines’ book, Leather & Glass

He has also appeared in the short movie, Spencer and Tragic Love Story. Trevor Stines inclines towards poetry and prose too. He shared excitement for the release of his book named, Leather & Glass.