Michael Ketterer: Father Of Six Children Wowed The Judges And Bagged Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer; Know His Bio And Wiki Facts

America’s Got Talent season 13 that airs on NBC has brought many raw talents on the stage. Among the talented competitors, set to mesmerize the judge and win a million dollar prize, Michael Ketterer has won the heart of Simon Cowell. The father of six children baffled all the judges and audiences with his beautiful, heart-warming song “To Love Somebody.” Impressed with his performance, Simon Cowell praised him and pressed the Golden Buzzer. Now, Michael Ketterer will go straight to the Quarterfinal, and he is very close to grabbing $1 million grand prizes.

People are now eager to know Michael Ketterer married life along with his wife and children. So, who is Michael Ketterer wife? Are you excited to explore the facts related to Michael Ketterer? Cause today, you’ll be exploring Michael Ketterer bio, married life, wife, children, family, age, and wiki facts.

Michael Ketterer’s Journey on AGT 2018

Michael Ketterer, a pediatric mental health nurse, graced the route of America’s Got Talent (AGT) from the audition by showering his flawless and emotional voice on the stage. The East-Tennessee man sang Bee Gee’s single “To Love Somebody” which set AGT people stunned and baffled.

The father of six children earned the second golden buzzer of the season from judge Simon Cowell. Before the performance, Michael told:

“My family’s my reason why I’m here.” “My wife and my six children.”

His emotional performance provoked a standing ovation from the entire crowd, leaving Simon Cowell with unusual reaction.

“When we find singers on these shows, is it about being technical? Or is it about being relevant?”

Cowell mused:

“Sometimes, for me, it’s just about being real and a surprise. If I’m being honest with you—because you were so nervous—I was concerned for you. But I think sometimes, actions speak louder than words.”

Then, Simon’s actions spoke a mouthful as he reached the stage after slamming the coveted golden buzzer, giving Michael Ketterer his one-way ticket toward quarterfinal and closer to winning 1 million grand prizes.

Michael Ketterer Married Life; His Wife and Children

The pediatric mental health nurse, Michael Ketterer is blissfully married to a loving and supportive wife. He has shared his vow to Ivey Ketterer. The pair took their love life toward marriage at a young age. However, Michael Ketterer and his wife haven’t shared when and where their wedding took place.

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When Michael Ketterer wife was pregnant with their daughter, Ivey got really sick.

“The doctor said the woman I loved the most in life and my new daughter, they probably wouldn’t make it through the night … I spent the whole night praying, and miraculously my daughter pulled through,”

Ketterer said:

“My wife pulled through, but the doctors told us if we got pregnant, this would happen again.”

Michael and his wife kept their first child name Sofia. For seven years, he had a family of three members, but his daughter often dreamt off having sibling of three brothers. His daughter, Sofia convinced him at last, and hence, Michael and his wife adopted three sons. Michael told:

“It took my daughter three years to convince us to adopt. After we went through the process of getting certified to adopt, our very first call that we got were for three little boys. I promise I’m not making this up,”

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Caption: Michael Ketterer with his wife and children.

Later on, Michael and his wife, Ivey went on to adopt two more boys, and one of them has Cerebral Palsy.

Who do you think will win America’s Got Talent 2018?

As Michael Ketterer has made it to the finals, we have to wait to see if he wins this year’s AGT.

Michael Ketterer Bio: Age, Birthday, Job, Family, Wiki Facts

Born in East Tennessee, Michael Ketterer is a singer, songwriter and pediatric nurse. He moved from Knoxville city to California in 2014. He celebrates his birthday on 21st August. His age is still unknown.

Michael along with his wife and six children attends Influence Church in Anaheim, California. He lives in Orange County with his family. He is a part-time workship leader and pediatric mental health nurse.

Michael didn’t have to be the father of six children, but he happily chose to be. To make a child’s life better, he put his dreams and life on hold. But now, he realized his dream and came to AGT to teach a lesson to his foster children. Michael said:

I’m here because because I want to show them that if their dad can live at his dream then nothing is impossible for them.

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