Wendell Holland: The Winner Of The Survivor: Ghost Island; Explore His Wiki, Age, Family, Siblings, And Bio.

The sole survivor Wendell Holland won the show ‘Survivor: Ghost Island‘ even though he didn’t receive the most jury vote. Making a tie with five votes each, the finalist Wendell Holland and Domenick Abbate; Wendell Holland received an additional vote from the third person, Laurel Johnson.

After being forced to cast the deciding vote, the 1st runner-up gave the vote to Wendell. Regarding the last ballot, Wendell was certain that Laurel would write his name. He said:

“Yeah, as soon as I knew Laurel was going up to cast a vote, you can never be too sure in Survivor, but I was fairly certain that she was gonna write my name down. We had a brother-sister relationship out there.”

He further added:

“We have done so much for each other and been there for each other out there that I was pretty sure that she would write my name down instead of Dom’s, although they had a great relationship out there too.”

Let’s know more about this ‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ winner Wendell Holland bio. Also, get to know Wendell Holland girlfriend, dating affair, family, and wiki facts.

Who is Wendell Holland? Short Bio; Job, Family

The winner of the 36th season of the show ‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ brought home a big prize of $1 million. So, who is Wendell Holland in real life?

While taking a glance at his past life, Holland used to work in the legal field before he owned a furniture company in Philadelphia. When asked for the words that described him, Holland replied ‘witty, intelligent and competitive.’

To God be the glory. We did it.

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Holland revealed that he had been a big fan of the show. He also said that he would play the game like Jeremy Collins, a previous winner from Season 29, speaking:

‘Because I’ll always keep my heart in the right place, but I’ll still be a serious competitor and threat.’

Moreover, Wendell is very close to his family. On the show, he had an emotional reunion with his dad,  Wendell Sr. During his pre-show interview, Holland said,

“I’d do anything for them or to make their lives better.

Holland, who also plays basketball, left an excellent job to be on the show saying,

 “I left a comfortable job in the legal field to pursue my dreams.”

Upon asking about his survival on the show, he said:

“I’m good with people and likable. I’m very diplomatic and can connect with people from different walks of life. I’m also not the biggest and strongest looking person, though I can compete with the best of them.”

Nevertheless, more opportunities are coming on the way for the sole survivor which is why Holland is showing no interest in making any girlfriend or getting married.

Wendell Holland Wiki: Age, Birthday, Parents, Bio

American furniture company owner, Wendell Holland was born on March 8, 1984, and grew up in Ardmore. Currently, his age is 34 and lives in Philadelphia.

As of Holland’s parents, his father Wendell Sr. appeared on the show. He gained massive popularity after competing and winning the American reality show ‘Survivor.’ In 2018’s show, Wendell began on the Naviti tribe aligning with Domenick Abbate. Furthermore, when asked about the utilization of the prize money, he said:

“I’m going to be smart with my money”