“Daddy Issues” Violet Benson Has No Boyfriend Goals; Exclusive Details On Her Dating Affair, Career, And Wiki-Bio!

What started as a hobby became a life-changing career for Instagram sensation, Violet Benson. You’re probably unfamiliar with the name Violet Benson, but you likely enjoy her memes and jokes. She is the content creator of the insanely popular Instagram account, @daddyissues_, which has amassed nearly 4 million followers.

Exploring the modern female psyche, Violet Benson channels blunt humor into her Daddy Issues (@daddyissues_). We are obliged to take you on Benson’s journey in becoming a social media influencer from a driven accountant and give you insight into how Benson works with brands.

The thirst of your inquisitive mind will quench after exploring Violet Benson dating affair and her journey in becoming an Instagram sensation. Try it out!

A Trip to Violet Benson’s Career as a Social Media Influencer!

29-years-old, Saint Petersburg-native, Violet Benson moved to the U.S. along with her family after winning the green card lottery. Her age was only fourteen back then. At about age nineteen or twenty, Benson graduated from the California State University, Northridge, with a business law degree and started pursuing law.

Violet Benson took a job as an accountant at a public accounting firm with a goal to make partner. Ostracized and harassed by her female co-workers, Benson needed a therapeutic escape from her work life. Hence, she started her Daddy Issues Instagram where she could make people laugh and connect with other women online through shared experiences.

Have you ever gotten so drunk that u woke up still wearing ur clothes, shoes and purse… with a bunch of texts from ur friends asking where u r AND a bunch of texts YOU texted urself bc u stored ur own number as ur ex’s number to avoid drunk texting him… I have!! Lol. 🙋🏼‍♀️ this is adulting.

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Caption: Daddy Issues’ Instagram post.

The initial motive of the account was not fame, but fame quickly followed as the pure nerviness of Daddy Issues provided a platform for strong and funny women to challenge everything a self-righteous young woman of today’s age is supposed to say, do, or be. Taking a traditionally male-dominated Internet field; to date, Violet Benson has nearly amassed 5 million followers on her multi Instagram accounts: Daddy IssuesShopdaddyissues, AmericanfailurePancakesBenson, and VioletBens0n.

Benson has even partnered with Facebook for a new project entitled Top 5 with Violet Benson.

Violet Benson Dating Affair; Who is Her Boyfriend?

Back in 2015, in an interview with MTV News, Violet Benson disclosed that she would be exclusively on the dating app Bumble and would like to date a boy as she was single and alone. She said:

Two people [Bumble users] will be able to win a date with me- one boy and one girl. I’m really excited for this since I’m currently single and alone, and I am not on any other dating apps at the moment. I have had a long-standing relationship with Bumble, and I just love everything they are about.

So, has she found her love in two years of duration? Who is Violet Benson dating? Check it out:

Regarding Violet Benson dating affair, she is currently single and is in search of a perfect boyfriend. Benson often tweets mentioning she wants a tall boyfriend to be able to hook up with him.

Caption: Violet Benson needs a boyfriend to date with.

As Benson has no any dating affair, she doesn’t have any boyfriend goals; all she has is her career goals only. It’s in human nature to fall in love; so Benson will be no different. In future, she will naturally enjoy dating and be hanging with her boyfriend and eventually will get married to him. So, who would be Violet Benson’s husband? Any idea?

We are looking forward to meeting Violet Benson’s boyfriend-to-be!

Drooling Facts of Violet Benson; Wiki-Bio Facts!

Social media influencer, Violet Benson was born in 1988 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, making her age 29. She celebrates her birthday on 15th of November.

Violet Benson hasn’t revealed the identity of her parents. She has a sister. Her birth sign is Scorpio. Benson was shortly raised in Israel. In high school, Benson was voted class clown.

Benson is of Russian-American ethnicity. Her nationality is American.

Violet Benson launched her wine brand, labeled “Fun Wine Co.”

Benson was named “The Instagram Meme Queen” by Vanity Fair in 2015. She has signed with CAA.

As a social media influencer, Violet Benson is worth of millions. However, her net worth is under review as of 2018. We will soon update you on Violet Benson net worth!