Choco Leibniz Biscuits Heiress, Verena Bahlsen Bio: Nazi-era Labour Controversy, Parents, Family, Net Worth, & Wiki-facts

The Choco Leibniz Biscuits heiress, Verena Bahlsen reckons in reinventing the food system to feed an afresh generation. Lately, she received backlash for saying the firm “did nothing wrong” in its use of forced labour amidst Nazi rule. The German Biscuit company deployed around 200-300 labourers in between 1943 and 1945. With the uprising controversy, Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre in Berlin argued of the knowledge gap in the family members of Bahlsen.

Verena Bahlsen wiki enlightens the controversy as well as her personal information. Let’s have an insight into Verena Bahlsen family, parents, net worth, and ethnicity.

Verena Bahlsen apologizes over Nazi labourers comments

This March ruled over Nazi labourers controversy taking an initiative from Verena Bahlsen at a marketing conference. The media applauded and laughed on her light-hearted jest about past tales. Meanwhile, the social media raged the heiress being insensitive to the history of company exploitation towards the labourers.

“That was before my time, and we paid the forced labourers exactly as much as German workers and we treated them well.”

Verena Bahlsen wiki family, parents, net worth, and ethnicity.
Caption: Verena Bahlsen apologizes over Nazi labourers comments

Source: Handelblatt

When she stated that company have no deals regarding past affairs, the controversy deepened. Consequently, the people whose family had been the hunt of holocaust outraged Bahlsen statement. In regards to the statement, she admitted of guilty on her inappropriate remarks.

“It was a mistake to amplify this debate with thoughtless responses”

Verena Bahlsen Family

The food company was founded in July 1889 by Hermann Bahlsen, great grandfather of Verena Bahlsen. Now, her father, Werner Michael Bahlsen owns it including Choco Leibniz. Regarding Verena Bahlsen family, her uncle Lorenz Bahlsen is the owner of Lorenz Snack-World.

Verena Bahlsen : wiki, networth, age, ethnicity,parents, family
Caption: Verena Bahlsen with father

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Verena Bahlsen continues the dream of grandfather via reintegration of new thoughts and technologies. In 2015, she executed own venture in the honour of the fourth generation Bahlsen dynasty.

Verena Bahlsen net worth

After graduation, she founded HERMANN’S, a restaurant, film studio, and premises that serve as thought for food and food for thought. Along with a partner, Laura Jasper, Verena extended her great grandfather expertise in the span of three years.

The famous company has listed Werner Michael Bahlsen into the category of affluent people. Similarly, Verena Bahlsen, the heiress of Choco Leibniz Biscuits and own venture must have giant numbered net worth. Yes! Verena Bahlsen counts on $30 million as of 2019.

Verena Bahlsen Wiki-bio

Born in 1993, Verena Bahlsen age is 26 years old. Verena hails from Berlin German.

She is a graduate from New York University as well as King’s College London. Verena studied media communication and management in the US and UK respectively.