Tulip Siddiq: The First Labour MP To Vote By Proxy| Complete Bio, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth, & Wiki!

While she found out the due date of welcoming the second child, the first thing she muttered was ‘‘Thank God it’s the end of January – that means I can vote.” Well, her first delivery complication still haunts how she and her daughter faced an infection as she returned to work after cesarean section and 40-hour long labor. But the parliament worktables slide on the primal tip for Tulip Siddiq, a British Labour Party politician. Moreover, Tulip Siddiq is vice-chairwoman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism.  

Tulip Siddiq husband must not have been shocked to hear her first word. After all, she underwent deteriorating health conditions from the first delivery. Let’s unbox everything of Tulip Siddiq daughter, children, bio, wiki, and net worth.

Tulip Siddiq husband is a strategy consultant

Back in 2013, Tulip Siddiq married Christian William, St John Percy. Tulip Siddiq husband is a company director and strategy consultant with a background in the British civil service. The duo resides on their new home in Kilburn, north-west London with two children. On the debate over the parliamentary vote, her husband Chris said that she would have thought about their baby first. And all she worded:

“My constituency is 75% remain. I don’t know who the other 25% is because I’ve never met them in my life. I have 22,000 EU nationals in my constituency; every single midwife and doctor I had at the Royal Free hospital, where I had this baby, was European. I can be doing a downward dog in a pilates class, and someone will ask me about their settled status. It’s a really important vote for me.”

Tulip Siddiq : husband, daughter, bio, networth, age
Caption: Tulip Siddiq with her husband, children, and family

Source: The Times

It was Christian William St John Percy who wheeled her into parliament, two days before giving birth to a son.  He often supports her in most of the ways. Either he wheels Tulip Siddiq for most crucial votes or picks up kids from school, he is the strong head back up in a family.

“I made him change his career to support mine. So now he’s a freelance consultant in education. Which basically means he can pick up the kids”

Tulip Siddiq is a mother of two children

In 2016, she gave birth to a daughter, Azalea Joy at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. Then she went straight to work nine weeks after cesarean section and forty-hour long labor. Eventually, both the mother and a little girl caught an infection. Furthermore, she developed inflammation of breast, mastitis, due to over exhaustion and surplus work. Now, Tulip Siddiq daughter attends a Jewish Nursery.

Tulip Siddiq : husband, daughter, bio, networth, age
Caption: Tulip Siddiq with her newly born baby

Source: Evening Standard

Once, UK border control halted Tulip Siddiq and her daughter because she didn’t have the same surname as Azalea. And the same year, she appealed Home Office to include both father and mother’s name on a child’s passport to avoid confusion.

In January 2019, she gave birth to son Raphael from cesarean section again. But, two days before the delivery, she attended the Commons in a wheelchair and eventually changed the constitution. Yes! She became the first ever MP to vote by proxy.

Tulip Siddiq net worth as a politician

At 16, she was already a Labour party member. She worked on various presidential campaigns of Ed Miliband and Barack Obama. From the experiences, she won the Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency in 2013.  After two years, she earned the Hampstead and Kilburn seat with 23,977 votes, with a turnout of 67.3%.

The same year, she became is a vice-chairwoman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism. Furthermore, she served as Permanent Private Secretary to the Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, Michael Dugher. What’s more, is Siddiq is Chair of the new Childcare and Early Education All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). And her agenda interest is equal pay, address imbalance in employment, child care protocols and many more. However, Tulip Siddiq net worth as on 2019 is still under review.

Tulip Siddiq Bio: A British Labour Party politician

She was born in St Helier Hospital in St Helier, London, on 16th September 1982. Now, Tulip Siddiq age is 36 years old. She is the second eldest children born to parents, Shafiq Siddiq and Sheikh Rehana. Her father was an academic professor and a stroke left him disabled. Similarly, her mother owns a painful history where Bangladesh army stormed the house and murdered her father along with three brothers in 1975.

“My mother was quite discouraging, initially. She was traumatised by what had happened to her father.”

Tulip Siddiq spent childhood days with brother, Radwan “Bobby” Mujiband a younger sister, Rupi. Her family embraced Muslim household as well as multi-culture Britain. Well, her home has been linkage with crucial politicians, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, and Mother Teresa, since the early days.

It’s a fact that Tulip Siddiq aunt is Seikh Hasina, is Prime Minister of Bangladesh. And her maternal grandfather Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is the pioneer President of Bangladesh She owns a dual master degree in English Literature and politics from King’s College.