Who Is Internet Sensation Trisha Paytas Dating Recently? Exclusive Details About Her Past Dating History!

Remaining in only one relationship might be hard for some celebrities as they tend to have a history when it comes to a relationship. Same goes for American Internet Personality and actress Trisha Paytas who has dated several men till now. She has faced a lot of struggles in the course of her career. Her hard work has paid at last resulting in lots of fame and success.

In other words, gaining popularity is attracting the attention of media to oneself. Trisha Paytas has over 1.3 million followers on her Instagram account. She is often seen with various guys. But who is Trisha Paytas dating at the moment? Has she found her perfect life partner or married already? Let’s find out all the answers to these questions through her wiki like bio:

Trisha Paytas Dating A New Boyfriend!

Trisha is an American internet sensation who has launched her YouTube channel ‘blndsundolll4mj‘ in January 2007 where she talks about her daily life activities along with her boyfriends.  Currently, she is dating a new guy named Jason Nash, Youtuber. She and Jason started dating in Dec 2017. Jason has a son named Wyatt and a daughter named Charley with his ex-wife. Pictures of Jason can often be seen on her Instagram account.

Love my gay boyfriend @jasonnash

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Caption: Trisha Paytas with her new boyfriend, Jason Nash.

Trisha and Jason had their first date in June of 2017. They met through Twitter through one of Jason’s friends. Jason uploaded the video saying his first date after a divorce which can be seen on Jason’s YouTube channel. After a month, on July 21, 2017, Trisha Paytas uploaded a video stating that she is officially dating Jason. Also, the duos can be seen recreating sexy couple photos on Youtube in January 2018.

In one of her videos, she accepted that she is bisexual. She confessed to being a gay where she said, “I’ve done a lot of self-reflecting and realizing that I always thought I was bisexual, and now I’m realizing that I’m actually gay.”

Caption: Trisha Paytas confirmed that she is a gay.

Trisha also revealed:

I have talked about dating a girl in the past, I totally have, and the sex at the time wasn’t something for me. It wasn’t until recent years that I have actually enjoyed it. I don’t enjoy all the aspects of gay sex with a woman.

Trisha Payta Past Dating History

Regarding Trisha Payta dating history, she was in a relationship with Sean van der Wilt, a choreographer, from 2015 to 2016. Trisha and Sean first met on the set of “Merry Trishmas” music video. On 11 December 2015, the video was published on Youtube. After a few days later Trisha shared a video with Sean titled “The Boyfriend Tag!” on Youtube. But their relationship met its end when Trisha’s Snapchat friend saw Sean van der Wilt kissing someone at a club.

After dating him for nearly one year, Trisha shared an emotional breakdown video on YouTube in December 2016. In the given video, she mentioned about Sean cheating on her for another man. Her boyfriend turned out to be a gay. Due to her attacking videos on Sean, she was offended by audiences.

Caption: Trisha Payta’s ex-boyfriend Sean van der Wilt cheated on her for another man.

Later on, she stated that she had no intention to lash out Sean, saying:

Beyond anything that happened, this is not the person that I want to be. I don’t want to be the person that hurts someone I love. I just never felt so betrayed and I felt like I had to hurt back. I don’t know anything and I shouldn’t have done any of those videos. It was all screenshots sent to me and stupid speculation.

Apart from them, Trisha has dated several men in the past, and some of them are  Roger Bart (2013 – 2015) and Anthony Michael Hall  (2008 – 2013).

Trisha Payta’s Struggle with Weight-Gain!

Singer, as well as a songwriter, Trisha is open about her struggles with her weight, unlike other celebrities. She has shared many videos and post on her social media regarding her weight gain. Trisha has shared the reason for her weight gain on her Twitter account.

Caption: Trisha Paytas explained the reason for her weight gain.

In her teenage, Trisha Payta had undergone through breast augmentation and liposuction on her arm. Likewise, Trisha discussed her weight gain problems on her Youtube videos.

Trisha Paytas Wiki-Bio

American Internet personality Trisha Kay Paytas was born on May 8, 1988, in Riverside, California. Currently, she is 29 years old and is of Hungarian descent.

Trisha Paytas was born to parents Frank and Lenna, who divorced when she was three years old. She then relocated with her mother to Illinois. At the age of fifteen, she moved to California to live with her father and brother and applied in a Catholic online school program.

Trisha Paytas moved from Illinois to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career where she began stripping and doing as an extra. She appeared in over 45 television shows: some of the TV shows include “America’s Got Talent,” “Dr.Phil,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Trisha has also made an appearance in the music videos of some famous artists like Eminem and Amy Wine house.

Along with her Youtube channel, and her appearances in various reality shows and movies, Trisha Paytas has made quite a fortune. She is worth of millions. However, as of earlier 2018, Trisha Paytas net worth is under review: we will soon update you on Trisha Paytas net worth!