Is The Bachelorette’s Todd King Hinting Towards The Next Bachelor Show? Get The Inside Scoop!

Most of the Bachelorette viewers are aware that Todd King is the charming prince rival Ali Oetjen was looking for. Eventually, it didn’t turn up the way we desired since; Ali Oetjen took a risk on Taite Radley and dismissed him from the show. It seems as if, Todd King would be our next bachelor. The tons of girls would be swarming over our handsome and charming hunk, Todd King, wouldn’t they? Well, Todd King wiki is something to boast on. Stick with us.

Is the bachelor Todd King ready for seeking love in between the contestants? Get to know everything about Todd King’s bachelorette, wiki, age, height, family and bachelor, reality show.

Is The Bachelor Todd King settled up?

It appears as if Channel 10 is awe of your prayers that Todd King shall be the cast member in the Bachelor. On 19th October 2018, he uploaded a clip from Harrison the little guy, whom he collaborated with, amidst the group challenge of the Bachelorette. Harrison was shocked that Ali didn’t choose him for the finale and Instagram post further explained:

‘Anyway I think you should be the next Bachelor then you’ll have lots of girls to choose from, and you can call me so I can give you the advice to choose the right one for you.’

Caption: Harrison hooting up for Todd King for the next bachelor

He captioned the little guy’s post with “Aww my heart,” hinting the possible chance of Todd King in the next bachelor series.

Todd King on ‘The Bachelorette’

He shared amazing chemistry with Ali. The pair had the most intimate kiss on the air for forty seconds. It made the spectators filled with goosebumps and realization of romance in reality. On the same note, he even impressed Ali with his sculpted body on one of the episodes.

Caption: Todd King and Ali Oetjen on the Bachelorette 

Well, the hunk Todd King’s body has a tale. At the age of seventeen, he weighed 55 kg. After heartbreak, he lost enormous body mass so that he could win the then-girlfriend heart.

“I have been unlucky in love in the past; I’ve definitely had my heartbroken. And now I’m just here on a whim, hoping that it all turns out for the best.”

On the Bachelor, he binged beautifully toned body which made Ali blush and drools over him. Unfortunately, Ali didn’t select Todd King for the finale instead took a risk over Taite Radley.

Todd King Wiki: Age, Family, Job, And Height!

Currently, Todd King age is 26 years old. He hails from Perth, Australia. Todd King family belongs from Western Australia. None of the details has been shared except for Todd King family background.

By profession, he is a sales representative, standing at the height of six feet. More than 13K followers have tabbed the follow button of Todd King Instagram.