How Much Is Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s Salary Earnings? Know His Wife, Children, Family, And Wiki

Rumor had it that Thomas Kurian shall clasp the seat of CEO when Larry Ellison retires from Oracle Corporation. Thomas Kurian knows to align billionaire worth technological issues. And Larry Ellison adores a sharp-witted guy like Thomas Kurian. Nevertheless, the rumor stayed as grapevine and Thomas Kurian seated senior vice president for Google Cloud, replacing Diane Greene on 16th November 2018.  It has enticed many of us on the subject of Thomas Kurian salary earnings.

What’s the figure of Thomas Kurian salary, when he shifted work ethic from Oracle Corporation to Google Cloud’s senior vice president?

Let’s dig in more about Thomas Kurian’s salary, age, family, house, wiki, wife, and children.

Thomas Kurian Salary

Initially, he cratered experience from a consultant serving clients in the software, telecommunications, and financial services industries at McKinsey and Company. Then, he began the journey at Oracle Corporation since 1996.  He held a vivid position on product management and development department. It commenced from Vice-President of Oracle’s e-Business division to President of Product development.

Encompassing twenty years of investment, Thomas Kurian salary witnessed a hefty bank balance. As of 2018, Thomas Kurian made $73,799,890 in total compensation as president of Oracle Corporation. Thomas Kurian salary accounted $3,612,553 and a bonus, of $69,380,000 out of the total compensation.

Thomas Kurian :  salary, age, family, house, wiki, wife, children, google cloud ceo
Caption: Thomas Kurian Source: Fortune

Therefore, he was a tag bearer of the 18th highest-paid man in the US in 2010. The same year, he was in the list of the 5th highest-paid tech executive. Doesn’t the wealthiest executive own an affluent house?

On 6th September 2018, Thomas Kurian announced on taking extended time off from the corporation. Despite the rumor of replacing Larry Ellison at CEO position, he resigned from the president designation, a few weeks later. Now he is leading the Google’s Cloud as senior vice president since 16th November.

Who is Thomas Kurian wife? How many children does Thomas Kurian have?

The hardworking Thomas Kurian’s personal information beholds secretive seals. It isn’t that his married life has intentionally curtained under the wraps. Well, Thomas Kurian professionalism of twenty years overlapped what he has been doing behind the multinational corporation.

However, it is known that Thomas Kurian married a woman from Boston. Fortunately, his twin brother, George Kurian also met his wife in the same state. Similarly, media are unfamiliar with the blessings of the children, Thomas Kurian has.

Thomas Kurian Family

Well, Thomas and his older twin brother by seconds, George Kurian is the youngest of the siblings. His father was a farmer who established well in manufacturing company. And his mother belonged to Sri Lanka nationality, dwelling in India.

Thomas Kurian :  salary, age, family, house, wiki, wife, children, google cloud ceo
Thomas Kurian twin brother, George Kurian Source: Business Insider UK

The twin brothers described their mother as loving yet strict. She didn’t involve in gender discrimination like typical Indian women.

“All the boys took turns in kitchen, did house chores, had to be responsible for clearing dinner, doing everything required in the house,”

The Kurian brothers always followed their strict mother. They would be home at exact 6 pm after cricket play and wash their hands at 6:01 pm. Otherwise, the children would be restricted from having dinner as per Thomas’s stern mother.

Thomas Kurian Wiki-Bio

He is from the Indian state Pampady village of Kottayam district in Kerala. Thomas Kurian age is 49 years old. At the age of 17, the twin brothers came to the US and attended Princeton University.

Before joining Princeton University, he studied at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India for six months. He held a BS in electrical engineering and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Again he earned an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.