‘Kiss Me First’ Star Tallulah Haddon Is In Queer Relationship| Bio- Age, Parents, TV Shows, & Net Worth|

On one of the screen, she is personifying a malnourished prostitute in “Taboo,” while on the others; she is a distraught teen daughter in “The Living and the Dead.” Yes! She is an actress who sets her sight on unusual, dysfunctional and confusing characters. Likewise, the role plays of Leila and Kitty on Kiss Me First and Black mirror respectively. Tallulah Haddon is the British Actress and Drag performer; we are talking about.

Let’s have an insight into Tallulah Haddon age, height, wiki, birthday, parents, boyfriend, and net worth.

Who is Tallulah Haddon boyfriend?

Correspondingly, Tallulah Haddon love life exhibits uniqueness. Tallulah Haddon and Elijah Harris are the queer couples who met at Gay Shame event. At the first look, Elijah perceived Tallulah as a strange drag performer, showcasing cannibalism while beatboxing at the same time.

Elijah was transitioning when he met the actress, Tallulah Haddon. On the top of that, he plucked in Tallulah’s interest though he was unsure of how she looked behind the make-up traces. Also, she wasn’t troubled to know what he was going through the hormonal changes. Despite the contrast, the queer couple passed their hassles with compassion and mutual obsession.

Caption: Tallulah Haddon and Elijah Harris are partners in love

He preached her to hold the head high at the obstacles. Though she confronted to be a brave person, Elijah taught her to stand within vivid courageous levels. Tallulah Haddon worded:

“He’s taught me what a “French stick” is, what it feels like to have the sea touching my feet, and what it means to be brave. I’ve always been brave, but I’ve seen a different kind of braveness in Elijah. It has made me hold my head high at times when I feel like I would normally run away from difficult shit. “

She added:

“I’ve gotten more feisty since meeting him – like when people tell me to put my dick away. I like to watch him swim — seeing his little body floating in and out the tide, his new fleshy chest. He’s a brave floating jelly, made of sissy freedom and overgrowing chest hair. He’s also the reason I love Ariana Grande.”

Tallulah Haddon net worth

She is an actress immersed in dysfunction and strange character. Additionally, she is a drag performer in cabaret settings in London. The year 2016 marked, Tallulah Haddon presence on TV screen for The living and the Dead. After a year, she portrayed malnourished prostitute, Pearl on ‘Taboo.’

Tallulah Haddon age, height, wiki, birthday, parents, boyfriend, networth
Caption: Tallulah Haddon plays Leila in Channel 4’s Kiss Me First and previously starred in Taboo

She has always been into multiple personalities, rather than usual stereotypes. The actress began ruling the entertainment era via the character Leila, lonesome girl tangled with a virtual set, on Netflix series, Kiss Me First.

How much is Tallulah Haddon net worth from acting and drag performance? Unfortunately, Tallulah Haddon net worth as on 2019 is still under review.

Tallulah Haddon Parents

Well, Tallulah Haddon parents are artist Laura Godfrey-Isaacs and architect Glen Haddon. She termed her father as a durational art performer.

My mum is a midwife now, but she was a fine artist. My dad’s not an artist, but he’s pretty strange. Inspiringly strange — his life is a durational art performance!

She doesn’t own a stage name accordingly the drag performance. Haddon’s friends recommended “Luke Warm,” while her mother is appreciative of her name.

Tallulah Haddon Wiki

She was born on 9th September 1997, making her age 21 years old. Tallulah Haddon birthday falls on every September 9.

When she was at the secondary school, she switched into acting forms. Tallulah studied business course. She did have a less of an assignment, which compelled her into being an actress. But, Haddon desires to refer as an artist and performer rather than an actress.