Sope Aluko; Happily Married To Her Husband And A Very Involved Parent To Her Children

Carlos A. Gimenez, who is the Mayor of Miami-Dade County Florida has honored Sope Aluko, a Nigerian-British American actress, with a proclamation that every April 10, be celebrated as Sope Aluko day. The actress who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster, Black Panther expressed her joy and gratitude on her social media platform. Aluko ventured into acting late, after leading a successful career in the corporate arena in both London and US. But what about Aluko’s personal life besides the camera. Has actress Sope Aluko married someone? Who is Sope Aluko husband?

People are quite eager to learn actress Sope Aluko bio along with her net worth. So, let us explore all the details of Sope Aluko wiki, career, married life, husband, children, net worth, and bio.

Sope Aluko Married Life; Husband and Children

The Black Panther actress, Sope Aluko is a married woman. She has been married to her husband, Ola Olusegun Aluko, for more than 20 years. She stays quite protective when it comes to her family.

Sope Aluko husband, Ola Olusegun Aluko, is a full brown Nigerian. Her husband is originally from Ilesha but grew up in the United States. Since Sope is of Yoruba heritage, her children have a strong foundation to grow up with Yoruba and Nigerian heritage.

Caption: Sope Aluko with her beloved husband and two sons.

Sope Aluko met her now-husband for the first time in Miami at a dinner party which she attended with her uncle. Instantly, they fell in love and started dating each other. After few months, Sope Aluko married her now-husband, Ola Olusegun, in August 1997. Very soon, after a couple of months in August this year, they will be celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary. She told about her supportive husband:

I’m blessed and grateful that I have a wonderful, kind, loving, giving and very supportive man for my career, and for everything that I do

For sope Aluko, it is most to have a happy marriage with her husband and two sons. She is a very involved parent to her 15 and 12-year old, sons. In one of the recent posts, Sope Aluko made on Mother’s day; she revealed that she is grateful to be a mother of her two sons who never stop to make her feel proud.

Sope Aluko Wiki-Bio, Career, and Her Net worth

The Nigerian-born British American actress, Sope Aluko was born in 5th of July, 1975, which makes her age 43. She was raised in the United Kingdom as her father served in diplomatic service which made her family travel to many places. She has her masters degree in Marketing.

Sope Aluko tried theatre, but her parents didn’t approve it. She stayed and worked in Corporate America for fifteen years. After her parents died, she decided to pursue acting again. Sope has made numerous appearances in television since then including Bloodline, Parks and Recreation, Burn Notice and so on. She has also performed in feature films like Identity Thief and Pitch Perfect 2.

Sope began gaining attention for capturing a role in the Marvel Studios film Black Panther. Her role was even praised in her hometown in Nigeria. Sope is currently filming another movie which is set to release in 2018. She is all set to make appearances in a comic book based movie Venom.

Net worth

Sope Aluko hopes that she could expand her acting to Nollywood. She gained recognition and appreciation from all the fans by appearing in many movies and television series, so we can assume Sope Aluko net worth is in six digit figure. However, Sope Aluko net worth hasn’t been revealed yet. As of 2018, Sope Aluko net worth is under review. Once reviewed we will update you soon.

There are much more projects to be released in the upcoming days, so we can expect Sope Aluko net worth will rise to a great extent in future days.