Smooth Gio Dating With His Crush? Smooth Gio Bio: YouTube, Net Worth, & Wiki-facts!

The YouTube personality, Smooth Gio is notable of an original sketch comedy vignettes, pranks, challenges, and entertainment contents. He goes out to the street and asks witty questions about whether guys prefer light skinned or white skinned girls. Other days, Smooth Gio strolls around the mall and inquire women to rate him from 1-10 based on looks. Yes, his videos are enthralling enough to gather more than one million subscribers. And he did it.

Smooth Gio wiki entails Youtube journey along with other social media fame. Let’s explore everything of Smooth Gio wiki, youtube, age, real name, and net worth.

Has Smooth Gio girlfriend?

His channel is the warehouse of original sketch comedy vignettes, pranks, challenges, and entertainment contents. Has Smooth Gio ever shared romantic chapters of his life? Isn’t that something out of the box? On April 2, 2019, the YouTuber contributed a fan service, where he uploaded a video of the first date with his crush, Ashley. The duo went out for a movie, and the date hinted green signal for Smooth Gio.

Again, on April 14, 2019, he posted a video, titled, ‘the second date with my crush.’ The pair relished on the restaurant by the beach and anticipated for date number three. Though Smooth Gio didn’t get a kiss on the second date, it appeared as if he opened a romantic clip on Ashley’s side.

Caption: Smooth Gio on the second date with his crush, Ashley

Even fans hooted Ashley as positive vibe girlfriend to be around, while others asked him to put the camera aside while dating. It could lead Ashley to unveil her romantic side.

“Yo bro just put down the camera and talk with her she’ll be more real bro and she will open up more”

“yo of course she don’t wanna have her first kiss with him on camera lmao that’s probably why she keeps saying no”

How much is Smooth Gio net worth as YouTuber?

From Smooth Gio hair cut contents to comedic videos, the channel has it all. January 2018 marks the beginning of Smooth Gio channel. Some of his remarkable videos are “Which Do Girls Prefer? Lightskins Or Darkskins | High School Edition”, racking up a million views.

Caption: Smooth Gio bought his first car on 250K dollars

How much money does he make? His YouTube fame is growing day by day with 1.3 million subscribers. And at 18, he bought his first car in cash, 250K dollars. Maybe Smooth Gio crew earn bankable amount after all. Smooth Gio net worth estimation of 2019 is between $400,000 and $500,000.

Smooth Gio Wiki-bio

Born on March 12, 2001, in Florida, USA, Smooth Gio age is 18 years old. Unfortunately, Smooth Gio real name hasn’t been exposed yet. Furthermore, similar is the case with Smooth Gio family details.

He stands at a height of five feet and five inches. His work collaboration includes Young Vakabon and King Cid too.