Rapper Skinnyfromthe9 Bio – Real Name, Age & Parents | Net worth, Songs & Girlfriend

Within two years of career, the American rapper and singer Skinnyfromthe9 has made it to the headlines many times. Since 2014, he has been charged with more than a few minor offenses like shoplifting and reckless driving even though many of them released later.

In August 2018, New Jersey police arrested Skinnyfromthe9, his father, his brother, and a fourth offender after the charges with kidnapping and provoked assault in Somerset County, New Jersey. In September, all the charges on him lowered to persuading an adult, simple assault and theft when he took a petition deal. He avoided prison time in an altercation for a probation sentence. Nevertheless, Skinnyfromthe9 maintained his innocence, claiming that the person who brought charges contrary to him stole a chain that costs $8,000.

Skinnyfromthe9 gained universal attention after his song “Love Blast” was released in 2017. After signing to L.A. Reid’s record label, HITCO, his debut mixtape, It’s An Evil World came out in November 2018.

Meanwhile, curiosities regarding Skinnyfromthe9 girlfriend have been increasing day by day. Without further ado, let’s have a glimpse of Skinnyfromthe9 bio, including his age, girlfriend, birthday, parents, net worth, and songs.

Who is Skinnyfromthe9 Girlfriend?

Unlike others, Skinnyfromthe9’s Instagram and Twitter walls are full of photos with his female friends.

Recently, on Jan 1, 2019, Skinnyfromthe9 uploaded a photo with his rumored girlfriend, Christina Belanger on his Instagram. Likewise, Christina also did the same that proves that the duo is currently dating. None of them has spoken anything regarding the subject matter.

Moreover, Skinnyfromthe9 frequently posts photos with many other females. He has mentioned more than two other girls as his girlfriend on his tweets. In November 2018, he cited that Mariah Lynn Boss is his girlfriend via his Twitter.

As of now, Skinnyfromthe9 is dating his alleged girlfriend, Christina. However, we have to wait until the couple makes an official announcement.

Skinnyfromthe9 Net worth & Songs

In 2017, Skinnyfromthe9 dropped his first single “Love Blast,” which later collected more than 3.5 million streams on Sound Cloud. In January 2018, he joined Fetty Wap on his “FMF Tour.” Later, he signed a deal with L.A. Reid’s new record label, HITCO. In April 2018, Skinnyfromthe9 released “Love Blast”  and “Back When I Was Broke.” The same year, he released music videos for “Back When I Was Broke” and “Pink Choppas.”

Rappers like Wiz Khalifa and Russ have made cameos in Skinnyfromthe9’s video. Later, he also released the songs “Space” and “I Drip.’’ In June 2018, he was ready to join rapper 24hrs on his “3200 Lenox Rd” tour, but then 24hr’s tour was canceled. In July 2018, Skinnyfromthe9 made a cameo appearance in the video for PnB Rock’s “London.’’ Later, he released the single featuring PnB Rock titled, “Jump Out That.”  Unfortunately, in August, he had charges on suspicion of simple assault and theft.

In October 2018, Skinnyfromthe9 released a freestyle rap and songs like “Alone” and “Songs About You.’’ Soon after his release from the jail in November 2018, he published the music video for his song, “Just Left Jail.’’ Following that, his debut mixtape, It’s An Evil World released on November 30, 2018, through HITCO. But what’s the figure of Skinnyfromthe9 net worth?

As of 2019, Skinnyfromthe9 net worth is under review.

Skinnyfromthe9 Bio -Wiki: Real Name, Age, Parents, Birthday

Skinnyfromthe9 was born as David Alex Villegas in 1995 in Hialeah, Florida as the oldest of seven children. He spent his childhood mostly in Somerville, New Jersey even though his family moved around often. As a child, he faced a harsh childhood after his father imprisonment and his mother’s relationship with another man.

During Skinnyfromthe9 teenage years, his mother and his stepfather were involved in frauds and identity con. Later his stepfather spent his time in prison. He adopted the stage name Skinnyfromthe9 as his nickname was “Skinny” and his area code was 908(colloquially, “the 9”).

Skinnyfromthe9 celebrates his birthday on December 19 that makes his age 23.