Adele Husband, Simon Konecki Fortune Sets For Millionaire After The Split? Simon Konecki Net Worth & Wiki-bio!

Back in 2017, the wedding grace had Grammy winner, Adele and his husband, Simon Konecki. Nonetheless, the couple grew apart within Hollywood fame. The sources pinpointed on a different way of living of either of pair might have demoted a relationship to divorce. Adele had a way insist in red carpets, showbiz lives and recording studio whereas, Simon Konecki commuted overseas for his passions and worktables.

Now, their split is raging the volume of Hollywood pages as well as Simon Konecki net worth bar in between £150 and £180 million. Let’s unwrap everything about, Adele husband, Simon Konecki wife, age, daughter, son, and wiki.

How did Simon Konecki meet his wife Adele?

In 2012, media couldn’t stop spying the duo Adele and Simon Konecki in Florida, where they rejoiced alligator spotting together. And, the rumor that Ed Sheeran was the love cupid between Simon Konecki and Adele bloomed over page 3. But, the ‘perfect’ singer denied and ridiculed the rumor via Twitter.

“Despite what some papers believe, I had nothing to do with Adele meeting her boyfriend. Dunno where that rumour came from…”

Simon Konecki networth, wife, Adele Husband, age, daughter, wiki
Caption: Adele and husband Simon Konecki go separate ways

Source: US Weekly

Once Adele confronted how she would be distracted from having someone she loved. However, Simon Konecki and Adele hit the love saga and tied the knot consecutively. After a year of dating, the duo welcomed their first child, a son called Angelo.

Does the split entitle Simon Konecki net worth as half of Adele’s earning?

According to the insiders, the pair hadn’t undergone the prenup agreement before marriage in 2011.  So, half of an earning of Adele might be entitled to Simon Konecki if they choose to divorce. And the documents revealed Adele had transferred £3million UK home to Simon in January 2019. Shall Simon Konecki net worth is still in fortune for half of Adele earnings, i.e. £180 million?

“What is made during the marriage is likely to be split on an equal basis,” Sandra Davis, a divorce attorney who represented Diana, Princess of Wales among other notables, cited: “It doesn’t matter who did what, or who contributed what.

Simon Konecki networth, wife, Adele Husband, age, daughter, wiki
Caption: Adele, Simon Konecki

Source: E!

Additionally, in March, she transferred a £488,000 three-bed property in Van Nuys, LA, to Simon. Well, Adele net worth has still an account of a £7.3million mansion in Beverly Hills, LA, a £7.4million townhouse in Kensington, and a £1.5million flat in South West London.

He is the co-founder of Life Water, an eco-friendly brand of bottled water in the UK. Previously, he was a director of EBS, a division of trading giant Icap, at Lehman Brothers. One of his friends defended him saying that he is not after Adele’s money.

“Simon may not be worth millions but he is comfortably rich of his own accord. He is also deeply principled and wouldn’t dream of becoming a kept man, or demanding a ridiculous payout.”

“Plus, he is well aware that Adele was already a superstar when they met and had millions in the bank. He is not after her money, and just wants their son to be happy and provided for.

Simon Konecki Wiki-bio: Age, Parents, Siblings, & Facts!

He was born in April 1974 in New York. Currently, Simon Konecki age is 45 years old. At 10, his family moved to London. Simon Konecki parents are Rosemary and Andrew, of Boca Raton in Florida. He grew up with sisters who attended Princess Anne’s alma mater Roedean.

Prior to Adele, Simon Konecki married stylist Clary Fisher in 2004. The duo only stayed for four years and divorced in 2008. Simon Konecki and Clary Fisher have a daughter together.