Exclusive Details Of Twitch Streamer ‘Saqib Zahid’ Lirik’s Dating Affair, Married Life, Career, Net Worth, Bio, And Wiki Facts!

Originally from Germany, Lirik is an American Twitch.tv streamer who became a popular choice through his unique live gameplays from Day Z and World of Warcraft to Stardew Valley. Rather than self-overlayed video, the leading broadcaster on Twitch, Saqib Zahid aka Lirik amasses 20-60K+ viewers per stream with over 2M followers, making use of his spoken commentary.

Streaming six days a week for 7 hours, Lirik has a very consistent schedule. So, his followers often wonder how he manages time for his girlfriend or wife. They are even not sure of whether Lirik is dating someone or spends his life with a wife and children. So, let’s figure out Lirik dating affairs or his married life below:

‘Saqib Zahid’ Lirik Dating or Already Married

27-years-old Twitch streamer, Lirik is quite protective of his love life. Fans surfing the Internet and his social media accounts to know Lirik dating partner or his wife, find themselves dissatisfied as they never get a single clue. So, what’s Lirik relationship status: dating or married?

Well, Lirik has never gushed about having a girlfriend or spending his time with wife and children on social media accounts and to the media. It’s yet to be confirmed whether he is single or trying to maintain a low-key dating or married life. Hence, stay tuned to us, we will soon update you on Lirik dating affair or his married life, whichever life he is currently experiencing.

‘Saqib Zahid’ Lirik Biography: Family and His Career Details

Twitch streamer Lirik was born in the year 1990 to mysterious parents whose name hasn’t been revealed yet. His native-country is Germany, but he later moved to the US and is now an American citizen. He also has a streamer brother whose nickname is dasMEHDI.

In 2011, Lirik began Twitch streaming with World of Warcraft but later switched to DayZ after its release and began to stream on a regular basis since March 2012. His popularity rocketed with DayZ, and his participation in the Showdown Tournament and the Survivor Games helped him to get exposure and publicity.

Lirik started streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017 but later stopped playing the game as it was riddled with bugs and stale. Among the top ten most successful streamers of 2017, Lirik racked up the 5th position.

As of 2018, Lirik finds himself near the top of Twitch with over 2 million followers and amasses over 20-60K viewers at any given time. He is even a finalist for Esports Streamer of the Year. Unfortunately, Saqib Zahid announced in January that he would take a break from live streaming due to mental stress and feeling “burnt out.” But he will join us on Twitch anytime soon!

‘Saqib Zahid Lirik’ Net worth

Though it’s hard to track down the net worth of Twitch streamers, Lirik’s net worth must be in millions. However, according to knowyournetworth.com, Lirik’s net worth is estimated around $1.5 million. But, Lirik’s net worth could be even higher as it’s just an assumption value. Hence, stay tuned to know Lirik’s net worth with the exact figure.

‘Saqib Zahid’ Lirik Wiki Facts

Lirik grew up watching his brother, dasMEHDI playing DOOM on the PC. World of Warcraft shaped his childhood and teenage years, turning his gaming passion to the next level.

PC is Lirik’s bread and butter for gaming and his first choice over the console. Discord sponsors him, and the company pays him for its promotion.

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Caption: Lirik is cats lover and owns three cats.

Lirik’s favorite food is Chipotle. He loves cats a lot, and his Instagram account is full of pictures of cats. He owns three cats: two Scottish fold type cats, Nayna and Nomu; and a Savannah cat called Luna who lives with his mom.

Lirik celebrates his birthday on 10th of October. His current age is 27. Information about his height and education has always remained confined.