“Skate Kitchen” Star Rachelle Vinberg: Dating Someone Or Busy Skating Professionally?

Rachelle Vinberg is an American teen actress known for Skate Kitchen, Good Girl Jane, and That One Day. She is a Skateboarder who joined The Skate Kitchen crew in Brooklyn, NY. She appeared as Camille in the movie “Skate Kitchen” in 2018.

Rachelle Vinberg got seriously credit-carded for the first time when she was almost 14, in the year 2012, at the Bethpage Skate Park on Long Island. She’d only been skating a couple of years at that point. Vinberg appeared in That One Day in 2016 to support Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales. She appeared as Jane in Good Girl Jane in 2017.

People are quite curious to know Rachelle Vinberg dating affair. So, who is Rachelle Vinberg boyfriend? Today, let’s have an insight of Rachelle Vinberg wiki facts, bio, boyfriend, age, height, parents, and family.

Rachelle Vinberg Lead Role in Skate Kitchen

Moselle’s first film was The Wolfpack a documentary about brothers growing up in New York with a father who rarely let them outside; they knew the world only through movies, which they reenacted in their 16th-floor apartment. Moselle’s new subjects — New York’s teen skaters, and in particular teen girl skaters — have the resourcefulness and a tight group bond in common with the Wolfpack boys. Skate Kitchen is Moselle’s first feature, and she based the movie’s story on her young stars’ own lives. Vinberg was her closest collaborator and played the lead role, Camille.

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Skate Kitchen” is the movie which revolves around a real crew of Skateboarders. In the opening scene, we see Camille from the waist down, rolling around a Long Island skate park. She’s trying to kickflip down a set of stairs, and she’s not landing it. Camille decides to give it one last try. And then she falls — credit-carded. Blood streams down her legs.

“I think she has her period,”

Some kid says.

“It’s not my period,”

Says Camille.

She grits her teeth through stitches alone in the ER, then waddles home wearing hospital scrub pants, bloody shorts in a bag, unable to even push along on her board.

Rachelle Vinberg Boyfriend and Dating Affair

Young Skateboarder Vinberg hasn’t opened her relationship status in media till the date. Rachelle seems to have many guy friends, but apparently, she doesn’t seem to date anybody. Skateboarder, Vinberg might be focusing on her career rather than being stuck in any types of relationship. She is just 20 years old.

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Why don’t you guys smile in photos?

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The above photo in Instagram shows she loves to hang out with her friends. We can see many pictures of her male friend on her Instagram, but she hasn’t reported affairs with any one of them.

Rachelle Vinberg Wiki – Bio: Age, Parents, Family, Height

Rachelle Vinberg was born in the year 1998 in the United States. She celebrates her birthday on 27th August, which makes her 20 years old. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Rachelle is white by ethnicity. She hasn’t exposed her parent’s and family member’s name in the media till now. However, she has two brothers, Brian and Neil Vinberg. Her height measures 5ft 5ins.