Rachel Underhill Is Dating! Rachel Underhill Boyfriend, Net Worth, Siblings, & Wiki-bio!

Lately, TikTok is a significant buzz around the teens. And they are comfortably binging a smile on everyone’s face. While online users exceed thirty minutes or an hour, rolling over the TikTok videos, they must be acquainted with Rachel Underhill. After a social star, Jesse Underhill ranked 15th on the musical.ly leader board in November in 2016, Rachel Underhill followed the similar footsteps of her brother. Perhaps, the siblings’ twosome is on the intent of analogous social fame.

Rachel Underhill bio is an astounding social feed entertainment within TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Let’s unwrap everything about Rachel Underhill wiki, age, net worth, brother, boyfriend, height, and birthday.

Who is Rachel Underhill boyfriend?

It isn’t easy for an internet personality to conceal their private moments. There are spies everywhere, while social media compels to share of exclusive details. Similarly, Rachel Underhill boyfriend is available within Instagram and YouTube feeds.

Caption: Rachel Underhill with her boyfriend

She had the first YouTube video with boyfriend Jaden on April 1, 2019. Rachel Underhill tricked Jaden into a hickey prank, where he almost broke down emotionally. On the other hand, fans encouraged Underhill to make more prank videos with a boyfriend. The duo has legit relationship goals, where they put on the face mask together too.

She often shares her boyfriend pictures on Instagram. But, the TikTok star hasn’t exposed personal details of Jaden yet. On February 14, 2019, fans knew that Rachel Underhill was in a relationship with Jaden via a bouquet of roses on her hand and Jaden on the side.

How much is Rachel Underhill net worth as TikTok personality?

Her TikTok account gathered a surplus of 470K fans. It has a mixture of comedic and musical contents. And the duo of Rachel Underhill and Jesse Underhill also helped to engage audiences for one another. Jesse Underhill enjoys three million followers on his eponymous TikTok account.

So, she must be aiming to have either the same or maximum followers on her account. She earned social media fame for lip-syncing videos on popular music and some comedy skits. However, Rachel Underhill net worth from TikTok apps is still under review as of 2019. Stay with us.

Rachel Underhill Wiki-bio

Born on January 22, 2002, in Oregon, US, Rachel Underhill age is 17 years old. Rachel Underhill birthday falls on every January 22. She grew up with four brothers: Jesse, Aaron, Levi and Isaac. Rachel Underhill height is pretty tall with five feet and seven inches.

Caption: Jesse Underhill is a brother of Rachel Underhill

Rachel Underhill along her brothers appeared on vivid TikTok and Instagram videos. One of the hickey prank videos, Rachel Underhill brother Isaac also helped her filming the shoot. It appears as if the Underhill family is under the influence of social media fame.