Pua Magasiva Family To Hold Private Funeral| Pua Magasiva Cause of Death Isn’t Suspicious| Bio, Wife, Children, Brother, & Wiki-facts!

The leader of Ninja Storm team, Shane Clark, aka, Pau Magasiva demise has been a heart-wrenching shock, on 11th May 2019.  Pau Magasiva, New Zealand actor was notable for Red Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Nurse Vinne Kruse on Shortland Street. What’s more, was his recognition from the co-hosts of New Zealand radio station Flava. The tragic news has devastated many of the co-actors, Pau Magasiva had worked with.

Did the police investigation unveil Pua Magasiva cause of death? Let’s recall ‘a bloody good guy’ Pua Magasiva wiki. Also, we’ll be unfolding, Pau Magasiva wife, children, brother, and funeral.

Pua Magasiva cause of death

On 11th May 2019, Pua Magasiva passed away in Wellington. A South Pacific Pictures spokeswoman affirmed his demise and said she could not make further comment. Similarly, cops were called to the sudden death of Pau Magasiva on the early morning of 11th May. According to a police spokeswoman, there were no suspicious circumstances and death would be referred to Coroner. Hence, Pau Magasiva cause of death remains unidentified.

Last year, Pau Magasiva left co-hosting the breakfast show on Flava, a radio station owned by NZME. And NZME, chief executive Michael Boggs poured heartfelt condolences to his soul and family.

It is with deep sadness that the NZME family has today been told of the sudden death of Pua Magasiva. At this incredibly difficult time our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go to Pua’s family, friends and his many colleagues. For us at NZME, Pua was a loved member of our radio team at Flava. We’ve been in touch with Pua’s former workmates and are offering them support”.

pua magasiva : wiki, cause of death, wife, brother, funeral, children
Caption: Pua Magasiva (left) and brother Robbie Magasiva in 2011. Photo / New Zealand

Pua Magasiva brother, Robbie rushed to his family on Wellington as soon as the news surfaced. His friends and colleagues (his on-screen son Duane Wichman-Evans Jr, Jayden Daniels and Aussie actor Luke Patrick) paid tribute to the ultimate demise and also shared memories on social media. Pua Magasiva family will hold a private funeral, in Wellington at the end of the week. As per spokeswoman, his family wanted to stay under the shade as they were in ‘acute stage of grief.’

Pua Magasiva wife and children

In 2012, he tied the knot with Kourtney Magasiva. After three years of stay, the pair divorced in 2015. Again the hope of marriage revived for Pua Magasiva when he encountered Lizz Sadler on Instagram. Eighteen months later, Pua Magasiva married Lizz Sadler in April 2018. Magasiva’s daughter, Jasmine and Lizz’s daughter Layla, from the previous relationship, wore sprinkle white rose petals.

Pua Magasiva Wiki, Cause of Death, Wife, Brother, Funeral, Children
Caption: Pua Magasiva with wife and two daughters

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Last month, the couple traveled to Bali to celebrate their one year marriage anniversary. Lizz captioned on Instagram

“So they say the first anniversary is meant to be paper… We got some paper to take us to Bali with #mylove @pua_magasiva  Just chilling and waiting for our flight @airnz wearing my super comfy tracksuit by @some.kind”

Pua Magasiva Movie and TV shows

The elder brother, Robbie Magasiva inspired him to undertake an acting career. In 1999, he took initiative from a minor appearance on Shortland Street as Elvis Iosefa, a relative of Louie Iosefa. The same series provisioned him the role of Nurse Vinnie Kruse in 2003. Fortunately, he led the major role in both Power Rangers: Ninja and Shortland Street.

Pua Magasiva Wiki, Cause of Death, Wife, Brother, Funeral, Children
Caption: Pua Magasiva in Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Source: The Wrap

Pua Magasiva movie credits include The Other Side of Heaven, Sione’s Wedding, 30 Days of Night, Matariki and Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business. He performed with Brother Robbie in the play Where We Once Belonged and took over his brother’s role as the Small Blacks TV News presenter.

Pua Magasiva Wiki-bio

He was born on 10th August 1980, in Apia, Samoa but grew up in New Zealand. At 38 years old, he passed away in Wellington.

The cause of his death is not shady. He spent childhood days with five siblings: Robbie Magasiva, Tanu Magasiva, Trina Magasiva, Stevan Magasiva, Miki Magasiva.

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