PopularMMOs Married His High School Sweetheart| PopularMMOs Wiki-bio: Net Worth, Real Name, & Trivia!

Patrick Julianelle, popular by the YouTube fame, PopularMMOs has a hoard of Minecraft adventures on the channel. Captain Cookie, Bellie, Carter, Jelly Bean, The Boulder, Lenny, Sparky and much more head on the expedition along the steer PopularMMOs and his wife, Jen. Well, Jen, notable with the fame, GamingWithJen is also the half of the twosome collaboration in competing Minecraft series “The Challenge Games.” The pair is inseparably amazing in role-plays and comical commentary.

PopularMMOs wiki is one of the amusing turntables, besides Minecraft series. Let’s unbox everything of PopularMMOs real name, net worth, height and girlfriend.

PopularMMOs married his girlfriend, Jen

Pat and Jen encountered while engaging in community service for local animal shelter amidst the high school. The high school sweethearts engaged in 2014, sharing the same passion of online games and adventures, likewise, Minecraft series. After a year, Pat tied the knot to Jen in 2015. The spouse resides in Jacksonville, Florida, with their cat, Cloud.

PopularMMOs wiki, networth, real name, height, girlfriend
Caption: PopularMMOs married his girlfriend, Jen

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Prior to Cloud, the couple used to have pet cat Alice, whom they returned to a local pet shelter. Both of them are the native of Connecticut and the YouTube personality. Perhaps, the analogous interest of gaming world escorted Pat and Jen together.

Even the social feeds embellish the couple’s legit goal. And the caption defies how they are made for one another. Also, the pair’s chemistry ignites, whenever they appear on the video either of a hysterical commentary of building up Minecraft series.

PopularMMOs net worth from YouTube premises?

Recently, PopularMMOs celebrated hovering of 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel on January 1st, 2019. And last year, his videos racked up billion view counts on October 4, 2018.  Before Minecraft, PopularMMOs was into playing Runescape, Atlantica, Tera, Rift, World of Warcraft, and more.

Since 2014, Patrick is on the hunt of collecting milestones of the YouTube channel. The same year he uploaded the first video, ”Minecraft: Total Insanity Modded Survival – TREE OF PURE EPICNESS! – EP6 EPS5 – Insane Mods Survival”. And the series of dare games like Trap Challenge, Siblings Challenge, Most Kill Challenge and so on are gathering massive engagement rates too.

PopularMMOs wiki, networth, real name, height, girlfriend
Caption: PopularMMOs

So, his earnings must be on lucrative payroll. PopularMMO net worth estimates at $1 million as of 2019. Sadly, the accurate salary earnings of PopularMMO is still under review.

PopularMMOs Wiki-bio

He was born on November 25, 1988, in Connecticut. Currently, PopularMMOs age is 30 years old. PopularMMO real name is Patrick Julianelle.

Once, he mentioned the father, Bill Juianelle, who is 70 years old. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology. Patrick stands at an average height of five feet and six inches.