Meet The Playboy Playmate 2018 Nina Daniele; Exclusive Details On Her Dating Life, Boyfriend, Playboy Magazine Career, Biography And Wiki Facts!

Every year, Playboy magazine celebrates milestone year by choosing the breathtaking female model on its center guard. And this year 2018, Nina Daniele astounds the Playboy magazine slaver with the enthronement of Playboy’s Playmate of the year.  On Nina Daniele debut for Playboy’s March/ April 2017 issue, she finally won the title this year, being the first female to wear the title since Hugh Hefner’s death in 2017.  Don’t you want to know more about her? Who is Nina Daniele dating?

Playboy Playmate 2018 Nina Daniele felt honored to be presented for the way she is. Here is everything, you must savor about the hotty model Nina Daniele boyfriend, dating affairs, how she went for Playboy’s Playmate of the year, social media presence on Instagram and wiki-bio.

Nina Daniele dating

You will certainly love to check out if Nina Daniele is dating or looking for the one who is interested in.  Don’t raise your high hope guys! She is not single. Playboy Playmate 2018 Nina Daniele is in the relationship with the fellow model, Jhanelle Castillo.

Caption; Nina Daniele celebrative seven years of love with Jhanelle Castillo

On June 26, 2017, Nina Daniele commemorated seven years of her relationship with boyfriend Jhanelle Castillo. Isn’t that amazing? This June, the couple will be rejoicing another year of duo time together.

Caption; Nina Daniele with boyfriend Jhanelle Castillo on her cousin wedding

Skipping out of the busy schedules of modeling assignment, the duos have aligned some snaps in their free time. Similarly, Nina Daniele is not afraid to upload their good time’s picture on social media sites. Hence, we can get loads of her single stunning photos as well as the couple’s lovey-dovey images on next.

Furthermore, the Instagram feed of Nina Daniele showcased that Jhanelle Castillo made his graceful appearance in her cousin’s wedding. Nina captioned how she loved the presence of the man of her life in front of the family.  Apart from family function, the pair Nina Danielle and Jhanelle Castillo shot campaign of Hudson Jeans together back in 2016.

Nina Daniele before the Playboy’s Playmate of the year 2018

Nina Daniele had different plans for her career after graduation. She went for Air Force career but her boyfriend Jhanelle Castillo persuaded on taking modeling future instead. Back in 2014, she expressed gratitude towards her boyfriend that she was happy with his decision because she did not know how long would she have lasted.

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The amount of personal growth in this photo makes me so proud 🙃 I’ll explain … when I was younger well into my late teens I could not stand the feeling of wet sand on my body, as a result, my parents would have to carry me from the ocean the beach towel or else I would stare at them from the shore line until high tide rolled in and they had no choice but to cave and come get me 😅 princess much?💅🏽🙄 even worse was seaweed being within five feet of me, just wading in the water, stalking me…. looking as if to wrap itself around my neck and pull me under or just cobra snake constrict itself around my torso lifting me up into the air and wailing me around like Ursula from the Little Mermaid … 😅😅😅 BUT LOOK AT ME NOW MOM & DAD! I’m all grown up and I’m pretty much an Urchin Queen. Today is a new day and I feel like I can conquer anything 👑🐡🐠🦐🐬🦀🦑🐙🐳🦈 Weekend in Malibu with the Grotto Queens 😍📷 @guiniushair ❤️I'm having a majestic time in LA, anybody have a problem with that? Anybody wanna start some drama on this beautiful Sunday Evening? #Malibu #LondonBeachSwim #beach #MerThot

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Last year, she dived into the title of Playboy’s March/ April 2017 and eventually became April Playmate of the month.  The issue ignited the re-introduction of nudity in the Playboy magazine with #NakedIsNormal. A year later, Playboy magazine crowned Nina Danielle as Playboy’s Playmate of the year 2018

“It means so much to me. To not only be seen in my most vulnerable state, but to also be presented, in words, for who I am. That’s important to Playboy: How my brain works, how my heart works. Through Playboy, I was able to talk about how it feels to be a woman in today’s society.”

Nina Daniele Wiki, Biography; Education, Early Days and Facts!

Nina Daniele was born on December 28  in Pelham, New York, United States. She beholds degree in Creative Writing and a concentration in Poetry. Nina confronted that her love for writing only eased her school days because she is horrible in exams. She stated that she had left blank pages in most of her exams.

“I fell asleep during the SATs. Every test I’ve ever taken, I left the last page blank. It was only my abilities to express my thoughts semi-skillfully via pen and paper that helped me get by.”

Caption; Nina Daniele blessed to have beautiful birthday wishes on her birthday

Playboy’s Playmate Nina Daniele inclined towards fashion and photography since her early days. She collected the magazines but never thought to be one of them until her boyfriend convinced her. Owner of two pit bulls, Nina Daniele, hoped to have own sanctuary for dogs on death row.