Big Brother Winner, Nicole Franzel Wedding Plans Exposed Via The Podcast, Coco Caliente| Nicole Franzel Engagement, Net Worth, & Wiki-bio!

An American TV personality, Nicole Franzel is prominent for striking Head of Household roles, Battle of the Block and the title of Big Brother 18 in a row. The self-proclaimed fan of Big Brother, Nicole Franzel has been engaging her roles since season 16, either for winning the show or completing love saga with Victor Arroyo.  And the duo also competed on ‘The Amazing Race’ season 31st, while creating an experience with someone they adore on one million bucks.

Now, the Big Brother winner, Nicole Franzel is a registered nurse, content creator and podcast co-host too. Let’s shove more about, Big Brother Nicole Franzel wedding, engaged, age, wiki, and net worth.

Nicole Franzel wedding plans with Victor Arroyo

Big Brother 20 provisioned Victor Arroyo to open out his hearts to Nicole Franzel. He proposed Nicole as the series of the TV segment, Big Brother helped out the couple every time. On September 8, 2018, Nicole Franzel engaged to Victor Arroyo, while Natalie Negrotti always knew what’s going between them.

“Just the way he would look at her — and he was always looking for her — you could definitely tell he had a huge crush on her.”

According to their podcast Coco Caliente, the couple conversed to wedding expert, Jessica Sloane. After five months of engagement, Nicole and Victor head towards wedding plans. But it isn’t easy as it appears. Nicole stumbled on the marriage destination for both of their families. Her family didn’t have passports, so there was not an option for a foreign destination.

Caption: Nicole Franzel with her fiance, Victor 

Similarly, she didn’t desire to have her dream wedding in hometown Ubly, Michigan, when Nicole suggested of Detroit, Michigan, her family didn’t support the idea again. She was stuck. Well, Nicole had a clear-cut concept of bridesmaids before 18. After the engagement, she is unable to decide who would be her bridesmaid on marriage with Victor Arroyo. The duos are in heed of cost optimization along with reliable and enigmatic wedding destination.

Nicole Franzel engagement with Victor Arroyo

We knew how Victor went on his knees and propose Nicole on Big Brother 20. Hence, the fans’ anticipation exceeds for both Nicole and Victor after reality shows.

“Nic, we met in the Big Brother house over two years ago. And right away, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and I fell in love with your personality. We formed a friendship in the Big Brother house, but our friendship really blossomed outside in the real world. I knew the moment that we had that first kiss in New York that I was in love with you. And even though I didn’t win the money, I walked out of Big Brother with the biggest prize of all, and that’s you.”

Caption: Victor Arroyo proposing to Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 20

On a marketing strategy, ‘The Amazing Race’ prioritized them as an engaged couple. As the shooting began amidst summer, the couple was only on dating terms. It was September 2018, Nicole engaged to her life partner, Victor Arroyo.

Nicole Franzel net worth as TV personality

She is the winner of Big Brother 20. During its season 16, she earned “America’s Favorite Houseguest”. Again, she attained Big Brother 20 title, being the first female Houseguest to defeat a male Houseguest in the final two in the history of the U.S. broadcast series. She is proud of “Becoming a nurse, winning BB18 and starting the Coco Caliente podcast.”

Nicole Franzel net worth estimates a surplus of $400,000. It’s the Big Brother 20, which attained Nicole Franzel net worth of bankable figures.

Nicole Franzel Wiki-bio

Born on June 30, 1992, Nicole Franzel age is 26 years old. She hails from Ubly, Michigan. Nicole loves cooking, crafting and drinking coffee.

Well, Nicole Franzel height is five feet, two inches. Though of a small frame, she outcasted male competitors on Battle of Block rings of Big Brother.