Exclusive Wiki-bio On Natasha Crown Who Is On The Hunt To Attain 100″ Bottoms, World’s Biggest Bum!

Some of the fetishes are bizarre. Natasha Crown has an ultimate desire to make her booty, largest in the world. Shocked? The Swedish model, Natasha Crown underwent cosmetic surgery thrice and extremely high-calorie diet to own the biggest bottom. Hence, her aim of getting buttocks as wide as possible is enthralling the internet.

Why did she have a peculiar dream of wide sized bottoms? What enigma is she going through for the accomplishment? Are Natasha Crown parents proud of the ongoing deeds? Let’s dig in everything about Natasha Crown age, bio, wiki, Instagram, height, weight, parents, family, boyfriend, and married life.

Is Natasha Crown dating or leading a married life?

The young model who has a six feet full bottom is more occupied in widening her bum. So, she is into butt lifting surgery and high-calorie diet so that people would stop and stare at her bootylicious body. The body transformation made Natasha Crown feel sexually powerful and attractive among others.

Caption: Natasha Crown aims for the biggest bum in the world

It appears as if she has immersed into obsession rather than settling in a relationship or married life. Also, Natasha Crown Instagram is all about her expedition of plumping the size of the bottom. It does not showcase whether she is dating or relishing the single life.

The pioneer thing she always does every morning is checking out her behind. After feasting on pizza, pasta and six kilos of Nutella every month, Crown is on a quest to build it bigger. Thus, she isn’t on the hunt for boyfriend and relationship thing.

Aren’t Natasha Crown parents worried for their daughter?

Her craze of plumping the butt is weird. But she is determined to do whatever it takes to have the largest bum in the world. Crown adores the jiggling perks when she walks down the streets with the widest and wildest buttocks out there. Consequently, it confides her as sexually lucrative and powerful.

Caption: Natasha Crown parents are worried about their daughter body transformation

On the contrary, Natasha Crown parents are afraid of their daughter quirks. They often pass down the hurtful comments. But it hasn’t halted Crown to undergo uttermost feast and surgery though her family fears of the body transformation. Natasha Crown parents concern on her health due to spontaneous body altering phenomenon.

‘It is difficult for them to see me change. Sometimes they have been very cruel and said things like, ‘you look like a cow.’ They don’t understand why I am doing this, and I say to them: ‘How can you speak to your daughter like that?’

Natasha Crown Wiki-Bio

24-years-old Natasha Crown had sworn the internet with her pursuit of the biggest booty. She claimed herself as a happy and outgoing person since an early age. The teen days when it started to change her bosoms and buttocks, she dreamed of altering it bigger and merry on the jiggling feel.

At the age of 20, she had her first butt lift surgery. Till date, she had the cosmetic surgery of bottoms three times accompanied by boob jobs and lip filler.

Natasha Crown Instagram had cornered more than 317K followers. At the height of five feet and ten inches, she has a bust size of 80 inches. And she aspires to gain twenty inches more and shook the Instagram feeds again.