Who Is ‘MankoFit’ Massy Arias Married To? Exclusive Details On How Massy Arias Got Rid Off Depression Via Hitting Gym!

Nowadays, the body workout is not only about flaunting muscles and losing weight or love handles. It’s for exhaling inner beauty to outsiders. The myth of workout is broken by the Instagram fitness coach Massy Arias when she adored the idea of body workout amidst depression. It became a lesson for every depressing patient out there to engage in something that overlapped the mental anxiety. Massy Arias formerly known as MankoFit on the online platform has preached the world on body positivity instead of workout policies in favor of weight loss. Want to know, whom Massy Arias married to?

In the particular column, we will reveal Massy Arias married life, husband, children, pregnancy, workout career, net worth, how she turned Instagram influencer overnight, bio and wiki.

Massy Arias Married Life and Children

The hottie Massy Arias is a dedicated wife of business partner Stephan Williams and a mother of beautiful daughter Indira Sarai. Back in 2016, Massy Arias announced via Twitter that she was already married but didn’t tend to advance an official wedding reception.

Caption; Massy Arias announcing her marital status

When Massy Arias chose to inspire people through the aid of social media, her husband Stephan Williams supported the wife in every possible way. He took the responsibilities of making up the websites, designing the graphics for her work out plans and negotiating the contract papers. Stephan stood as Massy Arias’s career pillar accompanied by robust family benevolence.

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What motivates you to keep grinding? This is what fuels my soul to keep becoming a better version of myself. It’s such a challenge to balance parenthood, marriage, and all of our dreams as entrepreneurs. But we keep grinding and helping each other find that great balance. When I started my fitness journey, all I wanted was to be happy. At this stage in my life, I have everything I need to be happy; what I want for the near future is just secondary to all the blessings that I currently have . Sometimes we don’t realize how rich we are because there are things that cannot be quantified like this moment right here. So look back at your life and find motivation in the things that cannot be scaled. What you want and what you need are two different things. Do not let certain desires blind you from all the blessings around you. We love you guys so much…😂 and Indi was like “ok stop this and keep riding that bike so I can continue having fun… #mondaymotivation #childofGod _____________________________________________________________ ¿Qué te motiva a seguir luchando? Mi familia es lo que alimenta mi alma para seguir convirtiéndome en una mejor versión de mi misma. Es un desafío equilibrar ser padres, el matrimonio, y todos nuestros sueños como empresarios. Pero seguimos tratando de encontrar ese equilibrio con mucha paciencia. Cuando comencé mi jornada fitness, todo lo que quería era ser feliz. Ahora, tengo todo lo que necesito para ser feliz, y lo que quiero para el futuro cercano es secundario a todas las bendiciones que tengo ahora. A veces no nos damos cuenta de lo ricos que somos porque hay cosas que no se pueden cuantificar como este momento. Así que si te sientes abrumado porque no crees que tienes lo que necesitas para ser feliz, encuentra esa motivación y felicidad en las cosas que no se pueden cuantificar. Los queremos mucho … La Indi dijo "ok, paren los beso y sigan montando las bicis para que pueda seguir divirtiéndome 😂 #hijadecristo

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Caption; Massy Arias with her husband Stephan Williams and daughter Indira Sarai

In 2017, the couple welcomed daughter Indie in their blissful married life. Massy Arias opened up how her mom, sister in law and husband assisted in raising the daughter Indie. She suffered the backlash at both times when Massy flaunted her pregnancy pictures and drew up abs after giving birth to Indie.

I had to ignore a lot of people who commented during my pregnancy . At first I was body-shamed because I wasn’t showing fast enough. When I started showing and I was doing all my workouts, then it was, ‘You’re working out too hard. That’s not healthy for the baby.’ No matter what you do, people will always have something to say. It’s based on ignorance.

Massy Arias Net Worth

Massy Arias earned the halo of influencer when she showcased footsteps for patients who fall into the category of depression. Her tale on how she overcame depression with the workout protocol turned popular motivation among people. Similarly, Massy Arias workout sessions taught most of the people towards body positivity despite trending weight loss aromas.

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#Ad Happy Thursday tribe. Burgundy vibes in my #C9AtTarget outfit, time to get more flexible and bring back the inversions. “If you don’t use it, you lose it” they say and for a fact I can tell you that it’s been the longest since I’ve practiced handstands, inversions and challenged my body with some yoga practice. Keep the flexible clothing coming @Target because I’m so ready, are you tribe? ——————————————————————————Feliz jueves mi tribu! Vibras rosas vistiendo #C9attarget . Es verdad cuando dicen “si no lo usas, lo pierdes”. Tengo muchísimo tiempo desde que tuve a indi que no practico paradas de manos, inversiones, y me no me he desafiado más con mi práctica de yoga. Bueno, aquí volvemos. Así que @target más ropa cómo esta, están listos ustedes?

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Caption; Massy Arias workout session

Let’s explore Massy Arias net worth? How much does she earn from fitness instructor profession? The assumed Massy Arias net worth of 2018 is $350 thousand. Now she earned the tag of celebrity health coach, ambassador of Covergirl and Target C9 and author of three fitness e-books.

Journey into Massy Arias Career

Well, she was not in the rage of fitness at first. Massy Arias ended up into the myriad of depression when she could not pay bills for her nursing schools. Moreover, she tangled in between the abusive relationship so that she could make some figures for the school bills. Instantly, Massy Arias suffered deception and harassment from an ex-boyfriend. She could not continue her work at Levi as assistant manager and eventually left the job.

However, she confronted her father that she was fired from Levi and he agreed to support her financially for certain period. Amidst that time, Massy Arias pushed herself into the darker shades since she could not meet the expectation, she had set for herself. On the darker side of depression, she lost appetite, her hair and even refused to take a shower.

Caption; Massy Arias doing the workout for leg strength

Fortunately, one of her companions persuaded her to take gym classes where she formed compatibility with the workout machines. She loved the idea of engaging in workout plans and felt the change in inner as well as an outer side.

“Every time I stepped into the gym, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. It was a mental release. My workouts would sometimes be as long as two hours because I wanted to feel good, and what made me feel good was pushing myself at the gym. Now, I realize that was overtraining, but at the time, I didn’t know what I was doing. “

In 2012, she opened up the Instagram account and began uploading her expedition to flat muscles abs. It blew the internet sites, hovering numerous queries around Massy Arias account. Though she didn’t own certified fitness instructor tag, people instantly contacted Massy Arias for the workout session. In the beginning, she charged $400 for the 12 sessions.

Massy Arias Wiki/Bio; Age, Parents, Brothers, Early Life and Facts!

She was born in 1990 in the Dominican Republic. Currently, Massy Arias age is 28 years old. She is the daughter of nurse practitioner mother and auto repair shop owner father. Massy Arias grew up with five of her bothers.

When she was 13-years old, she moved to the USA with father and two of her older brother. Massy Arias enrolled in nursing school pursue a career as a forensic pathologist. In the Initial year at Queens College, her brother diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a type of cancer. She struggled with staying turns with mother for bedridden brother in hospital accompanied by part-time jobs and college assignments.

At the age of 19 years old, her father retired and insisted Massy Arias to move in hometown Dominican Republic. But, she did not agree as she wished to continue nursing school. Hence, she tangled in full-time jobs and abusive relationships to pay off the bills. Her grades fell back, so didn’t even apply to clinical programs. After all these stumbles, she has managed to establish the halo of the influencer in fitness approach.