Maria Butina: The Gun Activist And Student Charged With Spying For Russia In US

Maria Butina is a political activist and alleged Russian agent inside the US. She is also a founder of Right to Bear Arms, a Russian gun rights group. Besides that, she has also worked for Aleksandr Torshin, a former member of the Federation Council for Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and deputy governor of the Central Bank of Russia, with alleged ties to the Russian mafia.

Recently, on 17th July, Maria was arrested by FBI. So many are curious to know the reason for her arrest. Also, very few are aware of her personal life such as her family details, married life, children, and many other wiki facts. So, let’s have an insight of Maria Butina wiki facts, bio, husband, children, parents, family, age, and other minor details.

Maria Butina Arrested by FBI

Right after the Helsinki press conference of Supremes of two powerhouse nations, Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump ordered FBI to arrest an alleged Russian agent for influencing American political organization under the direct order of Russia.

She was arrested on 16 July 2018. The main reason for her arrest was, the founder of All-Russian Public Organization had seen a gun in her holster, and she had a link to the National Rifle Association. She was seen wearing a custom puffy vest over a striped shirt and jeans gripping her black Russian-Viking pistol. Maria said that she hoped to have an unforgettable night and there would be adrenaline.

After she was arrested, the FBI apprehended Maria’s laptop and iPhone along with the Twitter message that conveyed towards an unnamed Russian official. The alleged Russian agent resided in the United States under a student visa. While investigating the case Justice Department’s court filing, she established “back channel lines of communication with U.S. politicians to advance the agenda of the Russian Federation” from early 2015 to February 2017.

Maria Butina
Caption: Maria’s lawyer shared a statement on 16 July 2018.

Nevertheless, her lawyer Russian Neil Driscoll defended Maria by sharing some of her words that she is not a secret agent of the Russian Federation. Criminal Justice reporter, Kelly Cohen shared the lengthy statement of Robert.

From the above statement of Robert, Maria’s attorney claimed that Maria has already testified in front of USSSCI for eight hours on the ground of her connection with Russian and American officials. Robert also cleared that she has a work permit and is seeking to use her degree to pursue a career in business.

Maria Butina Wiki-Bio: Age, Parents, Education, Birthday

Mariia Butina, known to the world as Maria Butina was born on 10 November 1988 in Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia. Her current age is 29. She is the daughter of an engineer mother and an entrepreneur father. It’s safe to say that her parents created quite an intellectual environment for her to grow up.

Maria has a younger sister, Marina Butina, who she adores too much. She is a family person who believes family is a real treasure. Her father taught her to hunt animals in the woods of Siberia where she grew up.

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Caption: Maria Butina with her father and younger sister.

The Russian agent graduated from Altu State University where she studied political science. At the age of 19, she got elected to the Public Council political science. She also has a masters degree in international relations which she completed from American University in Washington DC.

Maria Butina Married or Dating Someone?

Though Maria has kept most of her details confined, it looks like she hasn’t married anyone and is yet to be a mother of her children. However, she was living together with an unnamed 56-year-old American who has been identified as US Person 1 in documents of Court filings.

Maria described the man as her “boyfriend” who is twice her age and had a personal relationship with him. According to the documents seized by the FBI, she used to get her boyfriend to do her university homework.

Besides her mysterious boyfriend, it is revealed that Butina offered an individual to have sex in exchange for a job position within a special interest organization.