Wiki-Facts You’d Like To Know About Ex-Co-Founder of Rap Genius, Mahbod Moghadam, Who Recently Appeared On ‘Who Is America?’

On an episode of ‘Who is America?’ Sacha Baron Cohen exceptionally fooled a notable tech bro Mahbod Moghadam into comedic photo shoot scenario. Along the hilarious prank, the Silicon Valley star, Mahbod Moghadam avowed capitalization of the black artist on the market and prominent people on the category of celebrity 2018. It has instantly triggered audience to know more about Mahbod Moghadam wiki and how he became ex-co-founder of Rap Genius?

Get to know everything about Mahbod Moghadam’s wiki, Rap Genius, age, family, net worth, girlfriend, married and ethnicity.

Has Mahbod Moghadam girlfriend?

Back in 2013, the ex-co-founder of Rap Genius, Mahbod Moghadam professed how his worsening health condition led to bizarre personality acts, publicity insults to Mark Zuckerberg and relationship failures. Mahbod Moghadam is yet to taste married life. It started with terrible wisdom toothache and consequently removed it.

Caption; Mahbod Moghadam on resigning Rap Genius

But the things initiated to change followed by a migraine on the right side of the head. He accused it of the previous dental surgery. And, Mahbod Moghadam underwent addiction of smoking of marijuana. Similarly, his office days always included devastating arrogance. Even, his co-workers were all in rage due to Mahbod Moghadam weird personality.

On the other hand, Mahbod Moghadam girlfriend left him. However, he hasn’t confronted other details apart from tragedy tales. So, varied health hassles led him to hospital and diagnosis revealed that he had a brain tumor. He survived the surgery after staying two nights in the hospital for recovery. Yes! Mahbod Moghadam came back to life with a giant scar on the head which he loathes to the sight, whereas girls admitted to loving it.

How much is Mahbod Moghadam net worth?

Initially, he served as an attorney for a year, right after the graduation. Then, he formed a website with Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory in 2009 titled Rap Genius, which interprets lyrics, poems and news stories. Even Kanye West invested 15 million on the site, Rap Genius. Three years later, Rap Genius grew one of the popular websites on an internet surface. Also, he bagged the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2013.

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Caption; Mahbod Moghadam with Tom Lehman and Ilan Zecho

Well, the fame of Mahbod Moghadam halted at the moment when he annotated the manifesto of Isla Vista spree killer, Elliot Rodger. His colleagues banned Mahbod from the site. Nevertheless, he confronted on taking voluntary resignation rather than being fired from work accompanied by brain tumor news. What’s Mahbod Moghadam net worth?

Recovery from Brain Tumor confided Mahbod Moghadam to engage in proactive business genes like Chief Community Officer of Everipedia, Inc. It is also an influence of Wikipedia page, which he often dreamt of. Eventually, he met Sam Kazemian at UCLA in 2015 and decided to join the firm. Also, he is equally active as an Angel investor. Hence, Mahbod Moghadam net worth estimates a million figures, as of 2018. What’s say?

Mahbod Moghadam Wiki/Bio

Born on November 17, 1982, in Encino California, Mahbod Moghadam age is 35 years old. He is a son of Afsar and Mansour Moghadam. His mother belongs to Iranian descent and a peer counselor and freelance writer in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. Talking about his father, Mansour Moghadam passed away in 2017 was a merchant and a jeweler from Hamedan. Hence, he belongs to American nationality and mixed ethnicity.

Mahbod Moghadam with sisters, Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar and Mastaneh Moghadam
Caption; Mahbod Moghadam with sisters, Mojgan Moghadam-Rahbar and Mastaneh Moghadam

Source; Facebook

Mahbod Moghadam spent his childhood days with two sisters; Mojgan and Mastaneh and a brother named Michael. While his mother was expecting Mahbod Moghadam with his twin sister, she miscarriage the girl at the very five months. Eventually, doctor persuaded her to abort the child since they suspected cognitive disability on the unborn child. But, the medical miracle prevailed, he born to be a Silicon Valley celebrity.

He is a highly educated person. Regarding Mahbod Moghadam education, he holds a Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor’s Degree in History and International Studies from Yale University. Also, he graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2008 from the Stanford University Law School. Additionally, he is fluent in French, Persian, Italian, and Arabic languages.

Besides, business premises, he skilled in piano lessons from the age of fifteen years old. Also, the entertainment industry has seen him as a child actor in various Persian movies.