Is Rapper Lil Toenail Dating Any Girlfriend Or Focused In Music Career? Know His Wiki Facts And Net Worth Details!

Lil Toenail is a young sensational American rapper who is slowly gaining limelight in the music industry. Lil Toenail is an unconventional artist who rose to fame by the breakthrough song “Fuck Shit,” and “Suck my Nutz” and has a unique rapping skill, appearances, unique fashion, and styles.

With his public appearance wearing a custom-made toe-shaped costume and black-colored mask on his face revealing only his eyes and mouth; Lil Toenail has made his fan more interested in this rapper personal life.

So, let’s reveal these unknown facts related to rapper Lil Toenail dating affairs and his girlfriend, along with his wiki-bio, parents, and net worth!

Lil Toenail Dating; Who is Lil Toenail girlfriend?

As a new emerging rapper in the music industry, does Lil Toenail have dated any girlfriend? Many of his well-wishers wonder whether he is available or not. So, is Lil Toenail dating a girlfriend?

As an emerging artist, Lil Toenail personal life has been unknown to the public. There aren’t any official details of this rapper dating life and having a girlfriend.  So, we can only assume this unknown artist could be dating a girlfriend or could be single. To find out new emerging rapper, Lil Toenail dating affair and his girlfriend, then stay connected.

Lil Toenail Married; Has a wife?

It’s common for the people to whisper the married life of the people whom they like most. No doubt, Lil Toenail is a common name for most of the people. So, has Toenail married someone already?

Well, in regards to Lil Toenail married life, he hasn’t revealed any official details yet. Therefore, he is still a young lad to think about settling with a wife and children. He might be secretly married to a wife or could be focusing on his career and enjoying his life.

Stay tuned to know Lil Toenail married life and Lil Toenail wife!

Lil Toenail Wiki Facts

Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, Lil Toenail is an American rapper who got into the limelight from the song “Fuck Shit” remix in collaboration with Riff Raff. Regarding Lil Toenail birthday and age, there isn’t any information revealed by this rapper until now. So, Lil Toenail has kept his birthday and age confidential from the public eyes.

Lil got known by the stage name “Lil Toenail” rather than his real name. He hasn’t shared his real name to the public. Lil Toenail also got known by his public appearance, a black-colored mask on his face. Revealed only his eyes and mouth.

Lil Toenail is a low key person and hasn’t disclosed any information about his parents and family. Lil Toenail has kept his parent’s details confidential from the media. Regarding Lil Toenail education, he hasn’t revealed any information on his high school nor did he do homeschool till now. We will update on this topic.

Lil Toenail started to rose toward the limelight from the song “Fuck Shit” which was a remix in collaboration with Riff Raff. He is also known for the breakthrough song “Off da Leash,” “Suck my Nutz,” and “Why Do You Look Like a Frog.” During his music career, Lil Toenail has garnered thousands of plays from his SoundCloud account and has more than 25k followers.

Lil Toenail hasn’t shared his body height and body weight to the public. Stay connected to know Lil Toenail height and Lil Toenail weight!

Lil Toenail has more than seven thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and is active on other social media sites; in Twitter having more than 6900 followers and in Instagram having more than 72.4k followers. As young unknown rapper to the music industry, has Lil Toenail able to collect impressive net worth? As of 2018, Lil Toenail net worth under reviewed.

Stay Tuned for Lil Toenail net worth and other interesting facts!