Lauren Cosgrove: Happy with Her Sizzling Married Life with Husband And Their Children; Explore Her Wiki Facts, Wedding, and Bio

When an individual has any relationship with the stars, then that person is bound to be famous. And if the person turns out to be their spouse, then there will be tons of gossips.

Same goes for the Lauren Cosgrove who is famous because of her star husband, T.J. Oshie. She rose to fame after walking down the aisle with her Olympic hero hockey player, TJ Oshie. But people are quite inquisitive to know every detail about Lauren Cosgrove married life and wonder if she is a mother of any child. Also, get to know Lauren Cosgrove wiki facts and her bio.

To find out the answers, let’s know more about Lauren Cosgrove’s personal life including her age, height, and net worth along with her wiki-like bio.

Lauren Cosgrove Children

Olympic hero hockey player TJ Oshie’s wife, Lauren Cosgrove already has two adorable children (daughters) named Leni Rose and Lyla Grace Oshie.

Lauren’s family became four when their second daughter, Leni, was born in June 2016. Whereas, Lauren and her husband, Oshie welcomed their first child named, Lyla on March 17, 2014.

Unfortunately, their first child was born with a condition called gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a congenital disability which affects the child’s abdominal wall. As per the CDC:

“The baby’s intestines are found outside of the baby’s body, exiting through a hole beside the belly button. The hole can be small or large and sometimes other organs, such as the stomach and liver, can also be found outside of the baby’s body”

When Lauren was just 13 weeks pregnant, she and her husband detected gastroschisis through an ultrasound. But Lyla needed to undergo surgery only after she was born.

Lyla spent the starting phase of her life at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. However, she went home right after three weeks for her surgery. And after few weeks of her operation, Lauren Cosgrove husband, TJ Oshie told

“They said it could have been anywhere from six weeks to two years in the hospital, so we really didn’t know.”

Nowadays, she is living her life in the best way. Both children frequently appear on their parents Instagram Page.

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Lauren Cosgrove Wedding Ceremony

Lauren Cosgrove married her long-time boyfriend Olympic Star, TJ Oshie in July 2015 at a lavish ceremony in Minnesota. And for the guests, the couple’s family, friends and their 16-month-old daughter, Lyla, was present.

Their daughter helped walk her father down the aisle. Before their wedding, her now-husband was the one who asked her to marry him.

During an interview with St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine, Laurence revealed:

“We got engaged on February 4th (our third anniversary). I wasn’t expecting it. We woke up early one morning before T.J. had to be at the rink. We were going to get a quick breakfast at our favorite spot right around the corner from us.”

She continued:

“As I was walking out of the door, I could tell T.J. wasn’t following me anymore. I peaked around the corner to see what he was doing, and he was down on one knee. Everything after that is a bit of a blur. I was speechless and of course, said YES.”

Lauren explained that she and her husband first met through their friends in North Dakota. At that time Oshie visited his college buddies while she was visiting hers. Moreover, she dreamt of having a “Magical!” wedding which came true at last.

Lauren Cosgrove Wiki-Bio

Lauren Cosgrove who rose to fame as Laurence Oshie, wife of American NHL player T.J. Oshie, was born on October 24, 1990, in Missouri. Currently, her age is 27.

She and her husband became engaged at their third anniversary. After rising to fame, she gained over 170,000 Instagram fans. Meanwhile, she earned over 20,000 Twitter followers.

Lauren is a huge supporter of her husband and his team. She often attends his games with her friends. On her Instagram account, Lauren frequently posts the picture of junk food revealing that her weakness is her love for it.

Lauren and her family live in a $5.2 million home which was initially listed for $5.475 million. And it all happened right after her husband re-signed an eight-year deal with the Washington Capitals in 2017.

The eight-year deal was worth $46 million which carries an annual salary of $5.75 million. So, we can assume that Lauren Cosgrove’s net worth might be in millions of dollars with the addition of her husband’s total net worth.