Voice Actor and Stargate: Atlantis Actor, Kirby Morrow Dies At 47

Kirby Morrow voiced many loved characters from Cyclops to Goku. Many people grew up listening to his voice while watching their favorite animations. Sadly, our childhood hero who gave life to many of our loved characters has sadly left the world. Kirby’s death comes as a tragedy to many of us who grew up watching X Dragon Ball Z, X: Men and others.

Learn more on Kirby Morrow and get to know more on the actor including the cause of his death, dating life, net worth, and much more.

Kirby Morrow Cause of Death/Funeral

Kirby Morrow, the voice of many famous characters, sadly passed away on November 18, 2020. He was 47 years old at the time of his death. Kirby’s brother announced the tragic death on social media writing,

“Kirby was a blessed and talented individual who brought joy to so many but also thrived off all your love and friendship. He lived for it and it fueled him every day.”

However, his family did not share the cause of the death of the actor. Many of his friends and fans came on Twitter to show their respect and tribute to the dead actor.

The creator on Ninjago, Tommy Anderson wrote,

“There is no good way to do this …

I am unbelievably saddened to have just received the news that my friend Kirby Morrow has passed away.

When he first auditioned for the role of Cole on Ninjago, he was our first and only pick to portray the rock of the Ninjago Team.”

Likewise, the writers for Star Trek: Prodigy, LEGO Ninjago wrote,

“Our hearts are breaking right now over Kirby Morrow’s passing. He’s our Cole. He’s our rock. His work will live on.”

Regardless, Kirby’s family did not share anything on the actor’s funeral. However, we will be sure to update on his funeral in the coming days.

Was Kirby Morrow Married?

Kirby Morrow had been very private on his dating life before his death. The actor had not shared anything on his personal life and avoided posting anything related to his dating life on social media. His relationship status remains a mystery at the moment.

How Much is Kirby Morrow’s Net Worth?

Kirby Morrow had been the voice of many loved characters in anime and movies. He had nearly 200 acting credits according to IMDB. One of his earliest roles was in 1996 in Standing Against Fear. His recent roles in shows like The Flash, Van Helsing, Legion, Drone, and The Good Doctor.

However, he earned more success as a voice actor and voiced English version of characters such as Cyclops from X-Men evolution, Teru Mikami from Death Note, and Goku from Ocean’s Dub of Dragon Ball Z. As the list goes on, the actor’s recent work was as Miroku in Yashmine: Princess Half-Demon. Before his death, Kirby Morrow was estimated to hold a net worth of $1 million.

Kirby Morrow Wiki-Bio

Kirby Robert Morrow was born on August 28, 1973, in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, and was 47 years old at the time of his death. However, there is not much information on his family except his brother, Casey Morrow, who announced his death. The actor trained in Vancouver, Paris, Toronto, Dublin, and Los Angeles. Likewise, he also trained in theatre at Mount Royal University and used his natural voice for many characters.

He held Canadian nationality and came from White ethnicity. The voice actor has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches.