Facts You’d Like To Know About ‘Young Aquaman’ Actor, Kaan Guldur From Wiki-facts To New Movie Projects!

As the trailer of Aquaman hit the screen, most of the audiences might be wondering the boy behind nine-year-old Arthur Curry. Well, the child actor has already gripped the entertainment world with Red Ink and now set to bring DC Comics character into life. Yes! We are talking about Kaan Guldur. Aren’t you eager to binge in Kaan Guldur wiki, the one who is igniting the young version of superhero movie?

In the particular column, we’ll discuss Kaan Guldur age, wiki, parents, ethnicity, birthday, movies and family.

Kaan Guldur Movies

A young actor, Kaan Guldur entered the movie industry in 2017 with Red Ink in the role of Toby. The film is political drama defying the decision of Gideon amidst the strain. And the same year, he played the kid in The Lego Ninjago Movie where Jackie Chan explains the story of Ninjago to him.

Kaan Guldur Age, wiki, parents, ethnicity, birthday, movies, family
Caption: Kaan Guldur on The Lego Ninjago Movie Source: Boston Herald

A year later, he got breakthrough from American superhero movie Aquaman as a nine-year-old Arthur Curry. Off the screen, Kaan Guldur confronted his older counterpart Jason Momoa as an incredible mentor. The movie is set to hit the screen in December and the actor Kaan Guldur shall safeguard at praise at the very young age.

Furthermore, he will be playing Callum Collins in the mini TV series Fighting Season this 2018. It depicts the war drama where a man and woman fight for independence and liberty in Australia. The upcoming year shall secure numerous movies and TV shows for Kaan Guldur.

Kaan Guldur Family

Who wouldn’t be proud of a son pursing career at the tender age? Moreover, Kaan Guldur tenacity is yet to accumulate in the page 3 news as well as spectators’ critical views. But, he has already gathered positive acclaims from Red Ink and trailer of Aquaman. He is the youngest of Guldur family and has three older sister- Jeyda, Junn, and Leyla.

Caption: Kaan Gulder with mother

Source: Instagram

However, Kaan Guldur family details aren’t accessible in the media records. Well, it can be assumed that Kaan Guldur family is delighted to mark their son success in the short period.

Kaan Guldur Wiki/Bio

Likewise family details, his personal information are also in dark shades. Nonetheless, Kaan Guldur age believed to be around nine years old since the similar preference attributed in the Aquaman. It actually turned true and he is 10 years old now. Kaan Guldur birthday falls on 18th February.

Perhaps, Kaan Guldur is maintaining low key presence due to delicacy in age because of Instagram’s privacy mode. Nicknamed as King Kaan, he aspires to hold many acting projects as possible.