Juju’s (@IamJuJu_): Dating A New Boyfriend After The Split With Ex-Fiance, Cam’ron? Also, Her Wiki-Bio & Net Worth!

Juju or Juliet C, famous as ‘iamjuju_’ in Instagram, is known for her appearance in VH1’s reality television series ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York.’  She is now a main cast member of the show and is a ratchet, like the rest of the cast. Besides being a reality TV star, an aspiring author, entrepreneur, and a realtor, Juju is also popular as Cam’ron’s fiancee or Cam’ron’s bae.

Juju shares advice on business, relationships, skincare, and fitness. She took ‘Instagram’ at most along with her fiance Cam’ron, gaining social fame as “The Chocolate Cuban” bombshell. Though she is famous as Cam’ron’s fiancee, she has already split with him. Yes, the ‘Instagram cutest couple’ has ended their relationship already last year in mid-2017. So, what’s the reason behind their split? Let’s know the facts along with Juju’s wiki-bio and net worth:

Juju’s (iamjuju_) Dating, Affair With Her Ex-Fiance, Cam’ron!

Juju met her ex-fiance, Cam’ron, an American rapper, in 2002. She was a fan of his music, so she gave her number to Cam’ron when he approached her and asked her for the number. A few years later, the couple began dating on and off and started dating officially since 2007.

The couple used to fight and had arguments, but was supportive of each other. On 12th February 2014, Juju (iamjuju_) said in an interview with V MAGAZINE :

We’re normal people we have arguments, but we resolve them really quick. I’m like “You wanna be my friend?” and he says “No, I’m not your friend right now.” We try to solve them that same day. We don’t let them prolong. I think that’s the best part about our relationship. We settle our problems really quick. We communicate and get it done

Juju got engaged to her boyfriend-turned-fiance Cam’ron. They were happily engaged and enjoyed their dating relationship for nine years. However, as time passed by, the couple started having conflict in their relationship and hence, ended their dating relationship with a mutual decision in July 2017.

Juju (iamjuju_): Dating Someone After The Split With Ex-Fiance, Cam’ron?

Juju’s ex-fiance, Cam’ron divulged about the breakup in an interview with The Breakfast Club in November 2017. He claimed that the breakup was a ‘mutual decision’ and Instagram played a major role in their dispute. Cam’ron said:

It was kind of mutual. For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore. When Instagram came out, it was fun in the beginning and then it became serious. [Juju would say] ‘Why you following her?’ Or, ‘You like that person picture,’ or ‘People are saying this.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo, you gotta be my best friend for because that’s what I’m in it for.’ … It just stopped being fun and I think she felt that way too

Meanwhile, after a month, Juju explained the reason for the breakup with The Breakfast Club. According to her, Instagram wasn’t the sole reason for their split. She told:

You know that was really hurtful to me, because Cam and I, we were really good friends. Prior to this happening, Cam for the past year was just like basically pushing me away. Cam had stopped inviting me to shows and other appearances. “He said I couldn’t go. He said ‘I got my own thing going.

As Juju has already split with her ex-fiance, Cam’ron, she is open to dating recently. She has not been officially engaged with any new boyfriend yet. It looks like it will take some time for Juju to date a new boyfriend. She must be in search of a perfect boyfriend and could anytime introduce us to her new boyfriend. So, stay in touch!

Juju (iamjuju_) Wiki-Bio: Age, Height, Career, Parents, & Birthday!

Juju or Juliet C’s real name is Juliet Casteneda. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1981, Juju grew up in Miami, Florida with her Cuban parents. Juju has not revealed the name of her parents yet. However, she mentioned in a tweet that her parents insist her not to lose too much weight.

Caption: Juju’s parents insist her not to lose too much weight.

Juju’s ethnicity is African-Cuban. She loves her Afro-latina culture and refers herself as the ChocolateCuban. Juju has a Spanish accent. Juju celebrates her birthday is on 21st March. At present, her age is 38 years in 2019.

Juju graduated in liberal arts from Barry University and moved back to New York to start a career in the real estate. She owns a hair company ‘Candy Jewels’ and has her investment in ‘Staple Pigeon’ which is an urban clothing line. Being a spokesperson for the healthy lifestyle, Juju shares advice, “Juju Jewels” on fitness, skincare, relationships, and business. Juju too released her book “Secrets Of A Jewel,” in 2016. She has a booming career ahead.

Juju’s height is 5ft 9in. In meters, Juju’s height is 1.8m. Juju lost 21 lbs weight in only three months. A 30-30-3 plan “Thirty-minute workout, Thirty-day commitment, and three natural products: Papaya, Ginger, and Milk Thistle” is a reason behind her weight loss. Juju’s weight is 159 lbs, but previously, her weight was 182 lbs.


Juju (iamjuju_) Net worth

As an actress, author, model, and businesswoman, Juju or Juliet C net worth is in millions. As per the sources her expected net worth is $5 millions in 2019. Her sources of income is from her career as well as reality show.