American Idol 2019, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Wiki-bio: Boyfriend, Gay, Parents, Age, & Facts!

On the battle of top-notch contestants, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and Laci Kaye Booth were in the midst of elimination hunt at the 17th season of American Idol. Laci booked the top five spot, while Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon packed his dreams unto his music land. But, the young artist, Jeremiah embraced the elimination and put on the love again for American Idol fans. It was a shocking elimination round after all, while Alejandro Aranda, Wade Cota, Laine Hardy, Madison Vandenburg, and Laci Kaye Booth stole the shot.

How young is Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon age? Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon wiki graces the positive sparkling even after leaving the show. Let’s dig in more about Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon journey on American Idol, wiki, bio, age, and parents.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon on American Idol 2019

He auditioned on the American Idol 2019 to give momentum for his singing knack. Additionally, the judges had an instinct on Jeremiah songwriting capability. His identity of singer and song-writer proved on the audition of American Idol. Eventually, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon performed his original, entitled ‘Almost Heaven’. The song defines the dilemma of being Christian and gay.

Caption: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon survived till top six on American Idol 2019

It amused the judges that the janitor of his father’s church could pass the range of Billy Joel. Similarly, fans demanded the release of his original “Almost Heaven’ which has been a touching soul for them. Jeremiah passes off every round on exquisite vocal for ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’, ‘Somewhere’, ‘Who wants to live forever’, ‘landslide’ and much more.

Still, the elimination has secured his strong head passion for music. He graced it with affirmation that it is just the beginning. Perhaps, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon might be releasing his single soon. Most of his fans are out there, anticipating his voice in the market.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Boyfriend

His sexual orientation is an open book. Also, he is blessed to be in a relationship with boyfriend John. The duo encountered as they walked by each other at the YMCA in Kingsville, Maryland. Jeremiah instantly recognized John from the Tinder profile, where the pair matched a year ago. The street again destined Jeremiah and John outside of the dating apps.

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I am here for you and you for me NO MATTER WHAT. Love you Dad 🖤 #breakfastselfie #familyforever #wegotthis

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Caption: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon with boyfriend, John

So, Jeremiah approached John by asking his phone number. Then the pair relished date, nights out and their time together. Since then, Jeremiah and John are in dating terms and it’s been more than a year. John has been a strong backup throughout Jeremiah journey in American Idol 2019.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon parents

His father, Jerry R. Harmon is a senior pastor at Grace Bible Baptist Church. In the beginning, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon parents didn’t support him, when he revealed his sexual orientation. Similarly, the YouTube channel displayed a sermon, where his father was against of LGBTQ community. On top of that, his original song defied the struggle of being gay and Christian.

Caption: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon with father

However, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon clarified the relationship between him and his parent doesn’t appear as it seems. They lit up Jeremiah’s performance on the stage. Moreover, Jeremiah stated that his parents are going through his phenomenon of coming out. It takes time to accept and Jeremiah is persistent.

“It’s not like they totally outcasted me, it’s just … I was living with my parents, and our differences caused me to decide to make an alternative living situation for myself, you know? And it’s a lot more nuanced than it’s presented, obviously. But I think at the heart of it, it’s just, we have our differences, but we still love each other and are there for each other no matter what.

He added:

And I think I’m personally really excited to get the full story on the show, like what we look like on the other side of the struggle, after I’ve quit my dad’s church job, after I’ve moved out. Like what does our relationship look like after that, because the reality is that we’ve grown a lot together, you know?”

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Wiki-bio

He was born in 1993, making the age 26 years old as of 2019. Jeremiah grew up with a sister, Sally Abigail. He attends Towson University. The artist was set to graduate this year, 2019 but he took a hiatus from University to audition for American Idol.

His dream of musician initiated from the Lynch stock Music Festival in Lynchburg, Virginia, for three consecutive years. He has a self-titled EP under a Virginia record label called Harding Street Assembly Lab.