How Blissful Is Married Life Of Jay Wright With Wife Patricia Reilly? Explore His Wiki Facts and Net Worth

Behind every successful man, there’s always the hand of women. As the statement resemble basketball coach Jay Wright, who has got support by his wife Patty Reilly in every step of the decision he took. With his wife, Patty Reilly being there for him in up and down; how did this loving couple meet with each other? Before that let’s known Jay Wright thoroughly.

An American College Basketball coach, Jay Wright, is known for defeating Jamie Dixon’s Pitt Panthers in the Elite 8 in 2009 and earned his first ever birth in the final tour. He is the men’s head coach at Villanova University and has led his team to the victory. As an energetic and talented coach, he has led his to 2016 NCAA Championship defeating North Carolina by 3 points shot by Kris Jenkins.

Besides his successful career, what about Jay Wright personal life? Let’s go together to know your favorite coach own life details with Jay Wright wiki-bio, age, height, parents and net worth!

Jay Wright Married Life with Wife Patricia Reilly

Marriage is a ritual which bonds two soulmates together for eternity not only that it is a commitment of pair to be there for each other in every situation of life. As this statement has happened to our talent head coach, Jay Wright who has found his loving and supportive wife, Patty Reilly. But When and how did he met Patty?

In 1983, the love life of Jay Wright with Patty Reilly began in college, where she was a cheerleader and holds an inactive license to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania. The couple took their relationship further to marriage after the graduated. However, Jay Wright and his wife Patty Reilly hasn’t shared their marriage date as well as how did they got married to the public yet.

Although they tend to keep it private, Jay Wright with his wife, Patty Reilly has been awarded the Inaugural Saint Augustine Medal in August 2017. The pair has traveled together, and Patty has been there for her husband from the day since marriage. Form the Inquirer reported that

“He credits Patty, who he says is ‘very protective,’ with being primarily responsible for creating that kind of environment,”

Being a lawyer, Patty has dedicated her life being a mom and a housewife. Yes, you heard it right! The pair has given birth to beautiful children to this world sons Taylor, Collin, and a daughter, Reilly. As a Proud father, Jay expressed his feeling to Life of Dad’s Art Eddy that

“Being a college coach I want to be at my own kids’ games. Thank God my wife is great at that. You feel guilty when you miss something. You do your best to be at everything. Just communicate that with them. Talk to them.

He continued

“Tell them that you want to be at this game or I won’t be at this game or I made a mistake here, but you mean a lot to me and I want to share things with you. I think the honesty aspect and doing the best you can as a parent is good enough.”

“You will learn that your kids don’t want you to be perfect either. As long as you let them know that you are human and that you are honest with them,”

Wiki facts of Jay Wright

Born in 1961 in Churchville, Pennsylvania, USA, Jay Wright is an American College Basketball coach serving as a head coach for Villanova since 2001.

Jay Wright celebrates his birthday on 24th of December. With his upcoming birthday celebration, his age will be 57.

Jay is born to “Wright” family, to father, Jerold Wright, and mother, Judith Wright.

Jay Wright has the body height of 6 feet 1 inches. In meters, he has the body height of 1.85 m.

Jay Wright has the body weight of 78 kg. In pounds, he has the body weight of 170 lbs.

The American basketball coach salary and a contract have always speculated by fan members. Whereas, Jay Wright’s salary with Villanova is 2.6 million dollars but hasn’t shared any information regarding his contract. But what about his net worth? As of 2018, Jay Wright net worth estimated at 7 million dollars.