Jason Seaman Wiki: A Hero Who Took Three Shots Tackling Gunman Down At Noblesville High School

Just a week after a shooting incident occurred in Santa Fe Texas at a High school and a new incident has left people stunned leaving them to wonder “when will the gun violence stop at schools?”

Early morning at 9 a.m. Friday, a male student entered the classroom and opened fire when Jason Seaman was taking a test. But thanks to the 29-year-old seventh-grade science teacher, Jason Seaman whose split-second decision saved many students live inside a Noblesville West Jr High School.

Science teacher, Jason Seaman got wounded when he reportedly swatted a gun away from the shooter. According to Mr. Seaman’s mother, Kristi J. Hubly Seaman posted on Facebook;

Please pray for my son Jason. This morning there was a shooting at his school Noblesville West Jr High. He was hit 3 times & is undergoing surgery now. We are told he is in good condition but haven’t gotten to see him yet. I thank God that no one was killed.

After the incident, seventh grade Ella Whistler told ABC news that the shooter was acting and behaving suspiciously when he walked into the classroom while the class was running a test on Friday.

Stonebraker told to ABC News that Seaman threw a basketball at the shooter and ran toward the bullets as screaming students sought cover behind a table.

The Seventh grader said:

“If it weren’t for him, more of us would have been injured for sure,”

Jason Seaman was shot one through the abdomen, one in the hip and one in the forearm.

The chief of police Kevin Jowitt said:

“The preliminary info is that a male student asked to be excused. He returned with two handguns. We are still conducting interviews to find out what happened in that classroom”.

The Authorities haven’t disclosed further detail about the shooter name. But according to Stonebraker, he said he knew the suspected gunman; whom he described as a “nice kid most of the time” and told the suspected often joked around with the classmates. Stonebraker told that it was a shocking incident that he would do that.

For Jason Seaman heroic act protecting many lives of Noblesville West Jr High School students; U.S. President Donald Trump took to his twitter praising Seaman for his heroic stunt.

Who is Jason Seaman? Know His Wiki-Bio Facts

Hero Jason Seaman is a regular person like other ordinary people of Noblesville who make their living doing a job and spending time with his family. Jason Seaman is an Illinois native who graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

According to his brother, Jeremy Seaman; Jason was three-star sport high school athlete. Jason even tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) while playing basketball in his junior year, but after going through several surgeries, he was back playing football in August.

He works as a Science teacher of 7 grade at Noblesville West Middle School in Noblesville, Indiana.

Jason Seaman Married Life; Wife and Children

Noblesville Hero Jason Seaman is happily married to a beautiful wife and children. Jason is a proud father to his children, a daughter who is one month old and son who is a toddler and they mean a lot to him. While transporting him from ambulance to the hospital; his brother said:

“When he was taken to the hospital, I know he was talking,”

Jeremy Seaman said:

“He talked to his wife. He told her he was OK.”

Now, that Jason is alive with a severe injury, he can spend his rest of the time with his children, and wife. However, further details about Jason Seaman wife hasn’t been disclosed yet.