James Shaw Jr. Wiki|Bio Facts: 29-year-old ‘Hero’ Wrestled The Waffle House Shooter That Saved Many ‘Lives’ In Tennessee

Shooting has been a major issue in today’s world. Early Sunday morning, a nude gunman entered an Antioch Waffle House and opened fire that killed a total of four innocent people, and four others were hurt. But thanks to the 29-year-old young brave man, James Shaw Jr., whose split-second decision saved many lives inside a Nashville-area Waffle House.

When the gunman who wore a green jacket and had an AR-15 rifle began shooting people at the restaurant, a patron of the restaurant, James Shaw Jr. hid inside the restroom and looked out for an opportunity to intervene the shooter. When the gun jammed, James immediately hit him with the swivel door and wrestled to take control of the gun. Because of James’ spontaneous heroism action, other lives were saved including his.

Police have identified the shooter as Travis Reinking, who succeed to ran away from the scene. They are in a massive manhunt for Reinking. James Shaw Jr. is being called as a ‘Hero’ after the incident because of his heroism act. The president and chief executive of Waffle House, Walt Ehmer, thanked Shaw in a news conference, saying:

You don’t get to meet many heroes in life, Mr. Shaw, but you are a hero, you are my hero.” “I’ve talked to some of those people you saved today, and they will think of you for the rest of their days, as will I. We’re forever in your debt.

However, James Shaw Jr. doesn’t consider himself as a hero as what he did was only a selfish act to live. He says:

I want people to know I did that completely out of a selfish act.” “I was completely doing it just to save myself. You have to either react or you’re going to fold, and I chose to react because I didn’t see any other way of living, and that’s all I wanted to do. I just wanted to live.”

Whatever Shaw thinks of himself, he is a ‘hero’ to many people who feared death at the incident but is safe now.

Who is James Shaw Jr.? Know His Wiki-Bio Facts

Hero James Shaw Jr. is a regular person like other common Tennessee people who make their living doing a job and spending time with his family. James Shaw Jr. is a Nashville native who graduated from Hunter’s Lane High School. He has a degree of an electrician technician from Brightwood College. James is the youngest of his parent’s three children and has two sisters: Brittany and Briná Shaw.

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Caption: James Shaw Jr. with his sister, Brittany. Photo credit: James Shaw Jr. Facebook

James Shaw Jr. works as a wire technician at AT&T and also run small businesses. He also works as an electrician. His older sister, Brittany Shaw said:

He is the baby. Now that he is grown, he is a lot like his dad And rarely does he outwardly put his emotions on display

James Shaw Jr. Married Life; Wife and Daughter

Tennessee Hero James Shaw Jr. is a happily married man with a beautiful wife and a cute daughter. James is a proud father to his daughter, and she means a lot to him. His daughter, Brooklyn is only four years old. While transporting him in an ambulance to the hospital, when one of the paramedics asked James whether he had kids, he replied:

 “I thought I could have possibly never seen my daughter again. That hurt.”

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Caption: James Shaw Jr. with his daughter, Brooklyn. Photo credit: James Shaw Je Facebook

His reply gently speaks of his love for his daughter, Brooklyn. James’ sister, Brittany said:

Today when he saw Brooklyn, that’s the first time we saw him shed a tear. He tried to act all big and bad about the situation.’ “The first-time Brooklyn FaceTimed him, that’s when he broke down. I can tell you how much she means to him.”

Now, that James is alive with a small injury, he can spend his rest of the time with his daughter, and wife. Nothing has been known about James Shaw Jr. wife.