Giorgia Borg: The Youngest Participant To Attain Golden Buzzer On BGT 2019| Complete Wiki-bio & Family details!

Britain’s Got Talent has been booking familiar faces of an internet sensation. For example, Giorgia Borg who finished third in the Malta Junior Eurovision song contest heats last year. Yes! Giorgia Borg is back in BGT 2019, winning hearts of four yeses. What’s more, is Alexa Dixon let her hands rang for the Golden Buzzer and ran for the hug. According to Giorgia Borg Instagram, she likes hugs accompanied by unicorns, food, animals, traveling, and making people smile. Well, the young singer matched her hobby on BGT 2019.

Giorgia Borg bio follows her journey from Junior Eurovision song contest to an internet sensation and back to BGT. Let’s dig everything of Giorgia Borg bio, wiki, parents, age and expedition on BGT 2019.

Giorgia Borg journey on BGT 2019

When she sang with the powerful voice, the judges had their jaws dropped. How could someone so young have majestic voice and lyrics as well? The viewers of Junior Eurovision had already listened to her incredible voice, where she cited;

“I auditioned at the Malta Junior Eurovision heats stage, but I didn’t get through. There was a much bigger crowd at BGT audition and it was much more exciting.”

Caption: Giorgia Borg performance on BGT 2019 attained her the Golden Buzzer

And the similar power pack performance captured the heart of Alexa Dixon. The judge-led Giorgia Borg to the live semi-finals of BGT 2019. Her act is coined as the youngest age to attain Golden Buzzer. However, it drew criticism hovering the twitter rants on similarities between BGT and Eurovision performances.

Georgia came third in junior Eurovision last year with that song. Hardly original undiscovered talent then is she?”

“But she’s already sung that song on Junior Eurovision, so not the ‘shocker’ it seemed,”

Giorgia Borg parents

Her song defied about young people not listened to. But it didn’t pinpoint Giorgia Borg parents, who were on the backstage in support of their little girl.

Her mother says she has the knack of singing since births. Giorgia Borg resides with her two mums, three cats, and two dogs.

Giorgia Borg Bio-wiki

Well, Giorgia Borg age doesn’t matches with her powerful voice. She is only ten. The young singer hails from Malta. Her audition video on BGT 2019 racked more than a million views in less than 24 hours. That’s an aura of popularity, Giorgia Borg bears.

She is learning vocal skills under the mentorship of Gillian Attard. Borg attended La Voix School of Performing Arts in Marsa in 2013. Apart from Eurovision, she pinged the first position at both Italian ‘Una Stella Sta Nascendo’ 2015 for ‘best junior talent’, and 2017 San Remo Junior Contest.