Is Garrett Watts Gay? Know Garrett Watts Boyfriend, Affairs, YouTube Career, Net Worth And Wiki-Bio!

Garrett Watts, an American YouTuber gathered massive fan base due to humorous vines and video content. His channels primarily submerge to seek smiles on online platforms. Hence, Garrett Watts earned millions of followers on every social account he devoted for. Sometimes, he crafts hilarious make-up ticks on fellow YouTuber and other times; he annoys Shane Dawson, such that users burst out in laughter. Do you know who Garrett Watts dating is? Is Garrett Watts gay? What about Garrett Watts wiki?

Without any delay, let’s discover Garrett Watts dating affairs, sexual orientation, YouTube career, net worth, bio, and wiki.

Is Garrett Watts gay? Is Garrett Watts dating someone?

Back in 2017, Garrett Watts Instagram and Twitter account revealed his sexual orientation to be gay. He confessed that being gay does not define the way he is. Instead, he takes an appreciative of gay orientation. Well, Garrett Watts is leading a single life.

Caption; Garrett Watts revealing his sexual orientation to be gay

“Being gay does not define me or who I am, but it has been essential in defining who I am as a person, and I take pride in that. I am very proud to be a gay man and to be living in a reality that so many dedicated their lives to create for myself and all of us.”

Moreover, he paid the homage to the Computer scientist, Alan Turing who also falls on the same category. The fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson introduced Garrett Watts as his ex-boyfriend in 2016. But the pair had parted their ways though they share each other’s platform to entertain the audiences. Shane Dawson further disclosed that the duo met in Tinder and eventually developed a relationship.

What’s the figure of Garrett Watts net worth?

With the millions of subscriber in Garrett Watts’ YouTube channel, he must have a balance of handsome salary figures. His videos comprise of resourceful and funny content, which hooks numerous audiences to the video. Hence, Garrett Watts net worth is also assumed at hefty figures.

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Hey I know this is kinda annoying and I am not very public about this kind of stuff, but I just wanted to post a photo of me & my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. We've been together for over 20 years & he makes me very happy. We've grown together (his graphics got better, and I got taller and grosser) but he's stuck with me through the years. He's everything & he's all I need 😍

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Caption; Garrett Watts channel has a funny content

Garrett Watts salary earnings accumulate from ingenious and laughable videos. As of 2018, Garrett Watts net worth stands in between $678 to $10.9K. There might be the change in figures if the channel sustained to attract spectators.

Garrett Watts, YouTube Personality

Since 2012 Garrett Watts started uploading YouTube videos. He is fond of sharing the content which he adores. The videos comprise of life hacks, favorite movies and video games, nerdy stuff and funny contents.

Caption; Garrett Watts collaborating with Shane Dawson

Also, Garrett Watts appeared in comedy series titled Girls Will Be Girls 2012 (2012), Space Station 76 (2014) and Shane (2017). Garrett Watts worked as a casting coordinator at Nigel Lythgoe Productions from December of 2011 to April of 2012. After two years of inaugurating YouTube channel, he served as a digital content creator on Funny or Die.

Garrett Watts Wiki-Bio; Age, Education, Brother, Height, and Facts!

He was born on June 15, 1989, in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, Garrett Watts age is 29 years old. Concerning Garrett Watts education, he studied high school and community school at Arizona. Also, he is a film graduate student of University of Los Angeles, California.

Caption; Garrett Watts with his grandmom

He grew up with a brother named Andrew. Watts does not hesitate to flaunt family love in social Media. At the height of 6’ 4”, he often hits his head. So, he tags himself a clumsy person and wears a hat in his apartment to secure his head. Now, the YouTuber presently resides in Los Angeles, California.