The ‘Face of Twitch’ Is Back! Dr Disrespect Returns To Twitch And Set A New Viewer Record In Twitch Return!

The Doc is back, to Twitch and it all happened on February 5, 2018. Dr Disrespect made an anticipated return to Twitch, moving in a new era for his “Champions Club.” But he later met with disappointment when the site’s servers crashed under the increased traffic.

Dr Disrespect announced a break from streaming a little while back after admitting infidelity to his wife in December 2017. In January, Dr Disrespect announced that he would return to Twitch on 5th of February. Hence, Dr Disrespect walked onto a neon-tinted stage and performed a little dance to welcome his loyal supporters to the Champions Club.

On the returning process, Dr Disrespect managed to hit just under 390K concurrent views, close to the record made by the League of Legends caster Tyler1. Tyler1 had peaked over 400,000 concurrent viewers on his return to the streaming platform in January.

Dr. DisRespect gained more than 12,000 subscribers; at Twitch’s base level of $4.99 a month, which suggests that Dr. DisRespect made more than $30,000.

If you don’t know about Dr. Disrespect yet, be ready as we are going to reveal the information about Dr Disrespect. Not only Dr Disrespect but also we’ll let you know other facts about Dr Disrespect wife, his wiki-bio and career details.

Who is Dr Disrespect? Details on His Wiki-Bio: Real Name, Age, Parents, & Career!

Born with deadly gaming athleticism and a terrible attitude to match, Dr DisRespect is an award-winning international champion in the online gaming community. He was born in 1982 in the United States. Dr Disrespect birthday is on 10th of March. His current age is 35. Extremely tall, Dr Disrespect height is 6 feet 8 inches. In meters, his height is 2.07m.

Dr Disrespect career
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Dr Disrespect’s real name is Guy Beahm. He is popular by the name “Dr Disrespect.” Belonging to Caucasian ethnicity, Dr Disrespect has American nationality. He is a gaming phenomenon on, described as a WWE character. Dr Disrespect is a back-to-back world champion in NBA Jam, an entrepreneur, and a performer.

He was born in Beahm’s family but hasn’t mentioned his parent’s name on social media. Dr Disrespect wiki sites remain tight-lipped about his parents and siblings. He has not discussed his parents on social media too.

If you enjoy Dr DisRespect’s high-level channel, please give it a follow. Committing to the channel will change your life forever.

Who is Dr Disrespect Wife? His Married Life With Wife and Children!

As a well-known gaming phenomenon, many people wonder about Dr Disrespect married life. Is Dr Disrespect married to a wife and shares children with her? The question often arises in the minds of millions of fans. So, who is Dr. Disrespect wife? Let’s dig into the facts:

Regarding Dr Disrespect married life, he is a married man and shares a beautiful daughter with his wife. As a married couple, Dr Disrespect and his wife have become parents of a child.He has a family of three members: a wife, a daughter, and himself. Though Dr Disrespect has not gushed about his wife much, he did mention about his family, saying:

There’s my wife and my three-year-old daughter, and we’re watching TV, eating dinner, going to the swimming pool or just having a good time

Dr Disrespect’s wife identity has yet to be revealed. He has yet to reveal the name of his wife, but his @GuyBeahm Twitter account has a profile picture with a woman who is most likely to be his wife. Though it has not been confirmed yet, she is most probably Dr Disrespect wife. Let’s look at the picture of Dr Disrespect wife, highest probability:

Dr Disrespect wife
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Dr Disrespect shares a child with his mysterious wife. In October 2014, he announced on his Twitter account that his wife was pregnant with their first child. As a loving husband and wife, the couple welcomed a daughter in their family, whose name is Alana. Though he has not talked about his daughter much, he did post a single picture of his daughter while wishing 2016’s New Year to @StephenCurry30.

Caption: Dr Disrespect wished @StephenCurry30 2016’s New Year along with the picture of his daughter, Alana.

Dr Disrespect Infidelity To His Wife; End of Dr Disrespect Married Life?

In December 2017, Dr Disrespect made a shocking announcement about his infidelity to his wife in his live stream video. In the video, he said in tears:

I just want to be completely transparent with you guys. As you guys know I have a beautiful family, and a wife and kid. I want to be transparent that I’ve been unfaithful… And I’m probably going to be taking some time away—some time off—to focus on… stupid fucking mistakes, man

His fans have mixed comments of his infidelity to wife. However, it looks like he has settled the things with his wife. When asking about his situation with his wife, he said in the stream:

It’s a learning process. It’s a rebuilding process. It’s a strengthening process. It’s like this, right? As we mature, as we increase our knowledge about each other as individuals and a group, we’re starting to understand some things

We hope Dr Disrespect and his wife would settle the things soon!

Dr Disrespect Net worth

As a talented, active and influencing gaming phenomenon, Dr Direspect is able to collect impressive net worth. As of early 2018, Dr Disrespect net worth is under review.

Thus, if you have an interest in Dr Disrespect net worth stay connected!