Dina Manzo Slammed Kylie Jenner For Birth Announcement; Get Acquainted With Her Wiki-Bio And Married Life!

Former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dina Manzo has made headlines recently. When American actress Kylie Jenner made a shocking announcement of the birth of her baby daughter on 4th February, Dina Manzo made a quite response. It looked like Manzo’s tweets weren’t being welcomed with open arms and contained harsh advice to the new mother. Manzo wrote:

Congrats Kylie on your baby girl…but maybe think about putting out a ‘don’t try this at home’ kinda thing for your very young fans that look up to you. Having a baby at 20 is not all silk PJ’s & flower walls~Most kids don’t have the $ and support you’re fortunate enough to have.

The tweet seems to be made in response to footage Kylie Jenner shared in November 2017 where she revealed her pregnant belly and an inside look into her November baby shower. Kylie Jenner’s loyal fans clapped back at Dina Manzo, causing her to backtrack a bit.

Dina Manzo, who is also a mother to 21-year-old daughter, apologized in later tweets and made her statement clear to the people being negative. She tweeted:

Caption: Dina Manzo replied to the people being negative of her thought on Kylie being a mother at the age of 20.

Despite the mixed opinions, Dina Manzo seems to aware other girls of age nearly about 20, about the difficulties of raising a child at such a young age. Manzo is happy for Kylie as she is in position to raise her child better.

But do you know about Manzo’s life? How is Dina Manzo married life? Is she still in a relationship with her husband? Or, has she already split and dating a new boyfriend? Let’s dig into the facts:

Dina Manzo Married Life; Divorced Her Husband?

Dina Manzo is currently single and has no husband in her life. She has already divorced her ex-husband and is now dating a new boyfriend. So, who was Dina Manzo husband in the past? Let’s dig into the facts of Dina Manzo’s married life:

Dina Manzo married her ex-husband, Tommy Manzo in 2005 which was documented on VH1’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding. Tommy Manzo is the youngest brother of Albert Manzo who is Caroline Manzo’s husband. However, she couldn’t maintain her marriage relationship with Tommy for long. In February, Dina Manzo took Twitter account to announced that she had split with her husband in October 2012:

Caption: Dina Manzo separated with her ex-husband, Tommy Manzo in October 2012.

After separating with husband, Tommy, Dina filed for divorce which was finalized in February 2016. After two months of the divorce, Dina told Radar Online about the devastating divorce:

Divorce is never easy. It was a very emotional divorce for me. Of course, it’s heartbreaking, but things happen the way they’re supposed to. It was a long time coming. I think we just both had different ideas of what a marriage should be

Hence, Dina Manzo married life with her ex-husband officially ended in divorce in 2016 after three years of being separated to each other. Her marriage with Tommy was her second marriage. Yes, she was married previously, but her first husband is still out of the radar. Dina was already married to George Hadjiapostoli with whom she shares a daughter Lexi Loannau who is currently 22 years old. However, Dina denied the facts via a tweet where she asked the bloggers to do perfect research.

Caption: Dina Manzo denied that George is Lexi’s biological father.

The question arises “If George isn’t Lexi’s biological father, then who is?” Well, it’s still to be confirmed.

Dani Manzo Dating Relationship with Her New Boyfriend!

We will soon update you on Dani Manzo dating affair with a new boyfriend!

Dina Manzo Wiki-Bio:

Born in the year 1972 in Brooklyn, New York to a large Italian Catholic family, Dina Manzo’s birthday is on 7th of March. At present, Dina Manzo’s age is 45 years old. With the upcoming birthday celebration in March, Dina Manzo’s age will be 46. Dina Manzo’s real name is Claudine J. Laurita.

Dina Manzo was born to parents Nettie and Joseph Laurita. She is the youngest of her parent’s eleven children. Dina along with her sister, Caroline are original members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. At the age of six, Dina along with her family moved to New Jersey.

Dina Manzo has not revealed her height yet. Her height has always remained confined. She loves animals a lot, and her Instagram account is filled with the pictures of animals; mostly dog.

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Caption: Dina Manzo loves animals.

Dina Manzo runs a non-profitable charity foundation to raise money for children suffering from deadly diseases like cancer. She also released a skincare product line called “Glow by Dina.”

Dina Manzo is the godmother of Audriana, Teresa Giudice’s daughter.

As a reality TV star, interior decorator, and non-profit manager, Dina Manzo’s net worth is quite huge. She has made quite a fortune being active in different career fields. As of earlier 2018, Dina Manzo’s net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million.