Who Is Dani Dyer? An Insight of Dani Dyer Bio: Parents, Siblings, Net worth, Boyfriend, Height

If you have seen Dani Dyer on ITV2’s Love Island, you may know that she is the daughter of actor Danny Dyer. 21-years-old, Dani Dyer is from Newham, London and works as an actress. She is also a barmaid and aspiring reality TV star. She wants to live up to her father’s name and follow his footstep toward show business. Dani is worried about flirting on TV in the set of Love Island. But will she find her partner in the beautiful Villa?

Are you keen to know Dani Dyer dating affair? Along with the love life, we present you Dani Dyer bio that includes her family, siblings, net worth, height, boyfriend, affairs, and wiki facts.

Who is Dani Dyer?

Dani Dyer is the oldest daughter of 40-years-old, EastEnders actor, Danny Dyer. She is an actress, barmaid and aspiring reality TV star who was influenced by her father toward acting in her early age. Dani is a native of Newham city of London. In regards to Dani Dyer career, she dreams of walking the footstep of her beloved father in the show business.

She has starred in movies like Vendetta, Doghouse, and We Still Kill the Old Way. She even debuted in TV reality show of ITV2 Survival Of The Fittest where she took part in the battle of the sexes, involving mental and physical challenges. But her adventure ended after she fell headfirst down in a waterslide dislocating her shoulder.

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Dani Dyer Dating Affair; Who is Her Boyfriend?

Dani Dyer has successfully attracted many admirers throughout her journey, but her followers are keen to know her dating affair. So, is Dani Dyer dating someone? Let’s find out:

The reality TV show Love Island is all about starting a relationship with co-stars. Some of the contestants have already begun dating their partner. But what about Dani Dyer dating affair?

It seems like Dani Dyer, and Jack Finchard look like a match made for each other, but they haven’t been official yet.

According to RadioTimes, Dani gushed about her future partner, saying:

“I’m looking for someone really genuine. In past relationships I have had so many mind games going on and I want someone who bigs me up as much as I big them up. I like paying compliments and I would like the same in return.”

Well, we hope that Dani Dyer dating life will soon start. The main question is: “Is there any chemistry between Dani Dyer and Jack Finchard?

Dani Dyer alleged boyfriend
Caption: Dani Dyer with a handsome guy Jack Finchard on the TV reality show called Love Island of 2018. Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Well, the pair has yet to announce their relationship or flirt publicly, but we can say that she has fallen for the handsome hunk.

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Dani Dyer Bio; Age, Birthday, Height, Ethnicity, Wiki & Family

Born in the year 1996 in Newham city of London, Dani Dyer birthday is on 8nd of August. With the upcoming birthday celebration in August 2018, her age will be 22.

Dani was born to Dyer family, to father Danny Dyer, who is a famous actor and mother Joanne Mas. She grew up with two siblings: sisters Arty Dyer and Sunnie Dyer.

Her full name is Dani Charlotte Dyer. She has not mentioned her height in public yet.

Dani Dyer Net worth

As a reality TV star, actress, and Barmaid, Dani must have accumulated colossal net worth. With every episode of ITV2’s Love Island, she will be paid good enough. Besides, she has already acted in films and starred in numerous reality TV shows. So, without a doubt, Dani Dyer net worth must be in hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what’s the figure of Dani Dyer net worth?

Well, Dani hasn’t made her earnings and income public. As of 2018, Dani Dyer net worth is under review.