Bad Blood Between MAFS’ Cyrell Paule And Her Ex-Husband, Nic Jovanovic? Exclusive Details Along Her Wiki-bio!

‘Married At First Sight’ is always a volcanic drama and Cyrell Paule has spiced it up. Ever since the TV segment aired, audiences are on the count of Cyrell Paule controversies. Before, the reality show, Cyrell Paule is the hunt of a broken engagement and failed relationship. However, the marital life with Nic Jovanovic is tuning into ex-husband in the seconds of time. Has MAFS has always been this quirk and unusual?

Let’s unbox everything of MAFS’ Cyrell Paule wiki, age, married life, husband and children.

Who is MAFS’ Cyrell Paule husband?

While gracing a mermaid gown and flower crown, Cyrell Paule exchanged wedding rings with Nic Jovanovic. Cyrell Paule husband is an electrician and a survivor of testicular cancer. Though the pair wedding held the history of fairy tale romance, audiences are speculating their separation as soon as the high voltage drama began.

of MAFS’ Cyrell Paule wiki, age, married life, husband and children.
Caption: Cyrell Paule exchanged wedding rings with Nic Jovanovic

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Cyrell Paule brother created havoc on the pair’s wedding as well as abused Nic verbally. In return, Nic exploded on her brother accusation of spouting false rumors about an affair with Perth’s Jessika Power. As a result, the consequences formed ruckus between newlywed spouses. She continued raging:

“Don’t you ever, ever (paint) my brother as a liar, alright, don’t you ever make my family look like little liars. Because we all know and all the contestants know who the real liar is,” she added:

“I’ve told you once before and I’m going to tell you again, if you thought I was the worst wife, then you don’t want me as your worst enemy. When the moment comes, and that time is coming close and you know it too, I will prove that you’ve been cheating. I will prove that you’re a little lying liar.”

MAFS’ Cyrell Paule series of controversies

After the marriage scene, the outbursts are elevating higher. MAFS production house is searching its way out to keep Cyrell Paule mum. She revealed via the Facebook page that MAFS publicist had prohibited her from media appearances. Nevertheless, Cyrell Paule is still grasping a chance to badmouth ‘ex-husband’, Nic Jovanovic.

of MAFS’ Cyrell Paule wiki, age, married life, husband and children.
Caption: Explosive showdown between Jess and Cyrell rocks MAFS dinner party

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It hasn’t been long since the Medias surfaced with Cyrell Paule smoking cigarettes in front of Nic Jovanovic. As mentioned earlier, her husband has a history of battling cancer. He glared his new bride in disbelief, while Paule didn’t seem to bother from his frustrated expressions.

Who could fail to remember life-threatening clash between Cyrell Paule and her co-star, Martha Khalifatidis? The fight turned so destructive that Martha splashed drink at Cyrell. And, Nic’s wife grabbed Martha by the throat in response. Nic stepped in to halt the catfights.

Cyrell Paule Wiki

Born in 1989, Cyrell Paule age is 29 years old. She grew up in Sydney as the youngest of six siblings. Paule belongs to mixed ethnicity of Filipino background. Her family is often dependent of chaotic conversations amidst dinner time.

 She was raised in the strict Catholic family. Thus, Cyrell Paule and her husband underwent approval from her Catholic environment for the spontaneous relationship. She has a bitter past of failed engagement and deceived affairs. Consequently, it held Cyrell Paule back in finding romance again.

She believed if she could open her heart to Nic Jovanovic, once more. The further episodes of MAFS could either mend or break their hearts.