Corona Virus: Italy becomes the worst-hit region

22 March 2020

Corona Virus: Italy becomes the worst-hit region of Coronavirus

According to the news, Italy reported 800 coronavirus deaths on Saturday. Italy becomes the highest affected country in the world. According to the toll for the past month, coronavirus infected reached 4,825.

Lombardy has 3,095 deaths which are the highest worst affected region. Lombardy has been lockdown since 8 March President Attilio Fontana announced the new measures in a statement.

President Fontana announced, All the businesses have been asked to close excluding “essential” supply chains. All open-air weekly markets have been suspended. Works on building sites will be stopped apart from those working on hospitals, roads and railways. Also, sports and physical activity outside even individually is banned. Vending machines are also forbidden.

On Saturday, Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte ordered to close all “non-essentials” business in the country. However, he did not identify which business would be considered essential. Therefore, supermarkets, pharmacies, post office, banks will remain open and public transport will continue to run.

During a television address to the nation, he said; “We will slow down the country’s productive engine, but we will not stop it.” President Conte described this situation as “the most difficult crisis in our post-war period.”

What is happening in other countries?

Spain’s health ministry reported 1326 confirmed death from Covid-19 and 32% spike in new deaths. Spain is the second highest in Europe after Italy.

More than 12,500 people have caught coronavirus in France with the death of peoples recorded as 562 on Saturday.

Australia has topped 1,000 people of coronavirus affected and seven people have died.

In Singapore, two people have died from Covid-19.

South Korea reported 98 new cases on Saturday. The total number of coronavirus cases has now reached 8,897.

As coronavirus is spreading worldwide, some countries are putting their citizens on lockdown (a non-technical word used by public health officials).

  • China, Denmark, El Salvador, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, and Spain have implemented the world’s largest and restrictive mass quarantine.
  • To prevent international travelers from spreading virus many countries has closed the border.
  • Most of the country has closed business operations except essentials like markets, banks, hospitals, pharmacies will remain open.




source: BBC News

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