Chris Watts: Cold Murderer Who Killed His 15-Weeks Pregnant Wife And Two Daughters

Chris Watts, from Oklahoma, is now in the headlines for being taken into the custody. He is charged with the murder of his 34 years old wife and two daughters.

Chris Watts’ family went missing and later was found dead. So, is the murder case linked with Watts? What was the reason behind the suspense murder? Scroll down to know the whole story about the murder, their married life, and children right below:

Chris Watts’ Family Went Missing

Chris Watts is now behind bars for being charged with the murder of his wife, Shannan Watts and their two daughters. Shannan was 15 weeks pregnant whereas his daughters; Celeste was three years old, and Bella was four years old.

Watts had called out for hope to find his family so that no one could suspect the murder case on him. He first claimed that his wife and two daughters left the house leaving keys and purse in the house.

Chris Watts wife and daughters
Caption: Chris Watts’ wife and two daughters. Photo credit: CNN

With an interview with the KMGH-TV Tuesday, Watts revealed that when he came back home, nothing was around! He also claimed that his kids were his life and his daughters’ smile would brighten up his life.

Chris Watts Arrested

When the investigation of Chris Watts’ missing family started, a dead body was found near an oil tank in the shallow grave. It was Chris Watts’ wife. Furthermore, the other two dead bodies of his daughters were found inside the oil tank.

The particular location where Shanann, Bella, and Celeste were found dead was actually Chris Watts’ working location. The evidence shifted towards Watts claiming him for the murder case.

However, the cause and reason behind the death are yet confined.

After Chris Watts was arrested in the murder charge, he was booked with three counts each of the first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence. However, he has not been officially charged.

Moreover, the official authorities have not commented on this particular topic and have not made any announcement behind the reason for the death, but they are working hard to find out what exactly went down.

Chris Watts’ Marriage was Full of problems

Shannan Watts’ friend, Nicole Atkinson called Chris Watts like a few hours since she last saw Shannan alive. While talking with ABC News, Atkinson revealed that she last saw Shanann after dropping her off about two a. m. in Frederick, Colorado on August 13 when they both returned from a work trip.

Atkinson revealed that she got into her house and did not hear from her again. Later, Atkinson reported the Shannan missing on August 13, about 1:40 p. m. after around 12 hours dropping off her home.

Similarly, Atkinson revealed that one of the friends was talking about the possible split in the Watt’s marriage. She added:

They were having marital problems and she [Shanann] was getting ready to leave him,

Another friend of Watts, Amanda Thayer, while talking with CBS News wondered if her husband was cheating on her.

Besides this, the couple had experienced a bitter taste of the financial problems in the past including bankruptcy in 2015.

Shannan worked for a health and wellness company whereas Watts was employed as an operator at an oil and gas driller.

Chris Watts Wiki Facts

  • Born in 1984, Chris was 33 years old. He was born in Colorado.
  • He had stayed with the couple’s friends after his wife, Shannon, and two daughters were reported missing.
  • Shannan’s brother, Frankie Rzucek, has pointed out a fundraiser on Facebook created to raise money for funeral expenses.
  • Nothing much is known about Watts’ family background, parents, or siblings.