Acid Attacker Arthur Collins: His Past Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend Gave Him a Daughter; Explore His Wiki-Bio Facts

Acid attack, also called an Acid Throwing, is a serious and horrific crime that has mostly shattered the streets of U.K. In April last year, Arthur Collins carried out a deadly acid attack that left 14 people with burns in a London nightclub. After seven months of the horrific incident, Arthur was found guilty by the court. He was sentenced to twenty years after a month on 19th December. Since the attack, people are furiously eager to know who Arthur Collins is. So today, we present you every detail about Arthur Collins bio along with his love life. You’ll be more happy to explore Arthur Collins wiki facts too.

Along with the wiki-bio facts, people are quite excited to be familiar with Arthur Collins girlfriend and his children. So, who was Arthur Collins dating back then? Or has Arthur Collins married someone already? Let’s know the facts of Arthur Collins wiki.

Arthur Collins Girlfriend, Wedding Plans, Marriage

Arthur Collins first came to the media attention when he kindled a romantic relationship with a reality TV actress turned television presenter, Ferne McCann. Yes, you have it right! Ferne McCann was previously Arthur Collins girlfriend. The pair had an on-again and off-again dating relationship back then. Arthur Collins girlfriend, Ferne was pregnant with a child at the time when he was on a trail for the acid attack. The fact that Ferne was pregnant back then has led many people to ask a question: Had Arthur Collins married Ferne McCann?

Arthur Collins girlfriend, wedding, married, daughter
Caption: Arthur Collins enjoyed a stroll in the Ibiza sunshine with his now ex-girlfriend, Ferne McCann. Photo credit:

Well, Arthur hasn’t married Ferne or any other woman yet. He is an unmarried man but a father of a child. As soon as, Arthur faced fifteen charges over a suspected acid attack, his then-girlfriend, Ferne McCann broke up with him and decided to be a single mother of her unborn child. At the time, Ferne said:

Ferne is in no way seeking sympathy for her situation and is determined to do all she can to have a happy and healthy child and face the challenges of being a single parent with all her energy

Arthur and Ferne had even planned their wedding and wanted to get married on a beach. About their wedding plans, Ferne noted:

We’ve spoken about our wedding.” “We want to get married on a beach. I want it to be a party and a celebration. I want to be in the best shape of my life and I’d love to wear a backless wedding dress. I’ve been told that I have a great back.”

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Arthur Collins Daughter

On 2nd November, Arthur Collins ex-girlfriend, Ferne announced that she had welcomed her daughter, Arthur’s child, a week ahead of her due date. She calls her daughter Sunday but whether it’s her real name, no one knows. Earlier this month, Arthur Collins daughter, Sunday turned six months old.

Caption: Arthur Collins ex-girlfriend, Ferne with their daughter, Sunday.

When their daughter, Sunday was two weeks old, Ferne went to visit Arthur at Belmarsh Prison, South-East London. She told Arthur that he would miss his daughter and he wouldn’t see both of them ever again. But on 20 April 2018, Ferne visited Arthur once again with their daughter hiding her in a blanket. But instead of being Ferne’s choice, it was more of the legal right of Arthur to see his daughter.

Arthur Collins Wiki-Bio: Early Life and Parents

Broxbourne-native Arthur Collins was a scaffolder and businessman before he carried out the acid attack. He was born to parents; father Arthur and mother Jackie in 1992. He also has a younger brother, Thomas, whose age is 22. Information about his childhood and education are missing.

A couple of days ago, Arthur Collins parents including his brother were accused of growing cannabis at their home. According to the prosecutors, the potential yield from the crop found at Arthur Collins’ parents house is between £9,000 and £25,000.

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