Explore Amy Moffat Wiki, Newlywed Utah Couples Who Died On Their Way To Honeymoon!

Amy Moffat and her husband Stephen Graham had peaks of blissful marriage until their demise in the tragic car accident shocked Utah. The Utah couple tied the knot before two weeks, and they headed Canadian honeymoon destination with their seatbelts on but tragically ended in an ultimate death. Stay with us; we’ll be unfolding how Utah couple led miserable death all of a sudden. Also, explore Amy Moffat wiki, how she had been living before an untimely death in an accident.

Utah Couple Death in Car Accident

No one could have wondered tragic ending when Utah couple, Amy Moffat and Stephen Graham exchanged wedding vows. Two weeks later of marriage the couple headed towards Whistler, British Columbia for a honeymoon. But, Amy Moffat dozed off at the wheel at approximately 7.30pm near Yakima, Washington.

Amy Moffat : wiki, husband, married, honeymoon, utah couples,dead
Caption; Amy Moffat and Stephen Graham pictures, in a car crash after the bride fell asleep

Source; EkLists

The officials believed that the Ford F150 pick-up truck swayed to the left and Ms. Moffat overcorrected, causing the vehicle to roll. Spencer Luczak, a mutual friend of both citied the horrifying incident as he was driving behind them.

“When the truck went into its first roll, it lifted off the ground and was high enough where both the passenger and I had to look up through the windshield to see the truck above us, and then I slowed down just in time because it landed right in our path, When I got to them, I knew right away they were gone.”

Amy Moffat married life with husband, Stephen Graham

On August 13, she shared wedding pictures of her and Stephen wedding on Facebook accompanied by a heart-wrenching caption. As she hadn’t a chance for announcing the pair’s engagement, she invested a thoughtful time on social media on sharing wedding bells among close companions and acquaintances.

Amy Moffat : wiki, husband, married, honeymoon, utah couples,dead
Caption; Amy Moffat, 28, and Stephen Graham, 30, had driven to Whistler,

Source; Facebook

Amy Moffat expressed how she is the most fortunate girl to receive Graham’s adornment. Her post continued:

“I can’t tell you how much I love this man. I’ve never felt more loved, or have been treated more like a queen, than by anyone else in my life. Stephen is more than I could’ve ever asked for in a partner, in a lover, in a best friend.

For now, our marriage is until death does us part. But soon enough we can go to a temple of God and have our marriage sealed for eternity.”

Further, the facebook post graced; “Stephen, I feel like the luckiest girl alive. Thank you for every crazy, beautiful, and crazy beautiful moment we have shared up until this point. I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead of us,”

Amy Moffat Wiki-Bio

Amy Moffat age was 28 years old when she was killed in a wretched car accident along with husband, Stephan Graham. She had a profession of Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, while he was a photographer. The Utah couple parents were devastated when they heard of their children demise who had only tied the knot two weeks before. Rex Bosen, an uncle of Moffat, exclaimed her twinkled eyes devoted to the wedding ceremony and husband, Stephan.

On the same note, Aubree Bosen, cousin of Amy Moffat believed the couple was advancing on an unplanned adventure since they had always been together on each escapade.

“It’s really hard because you want so much for them, but I think the fact that they were together, and they were happy, and they were going on an adventure, it summarizes their life together,’ she said. ‘I think they’re still on an adventure together and it’s just not what they planned.”