Alexia Norton Jones Accused Music Mogul Russell Simmons Of Sexual Assault

Alexia Norton Jones is known as the granddaughter of William Wander Norton who is the founder of W.W. Norton & Company. She is an American author, model, playwright, and Spokesperson. Moreover, she is associated with Martin Luther King Jr. family and often in their legacy projects throughout the United States. Recently on 10th July 2018, Jones claimed that music mogul Russell Simmons sexually assaulted her in 1990. So what is this allegation all about?

Let’s, unfold the unknown chapter of Alexia Norton Jones wiki facts, bio, parents, family, siblings, age,

Accused, Raped Allegations and Variety

On 10th July 2018, Alexia Norton Jones came to the public with an article on Variety in which she disclosed her unwanted encounter with Russell Simmons who is Hip Hop mogul. According to the article, in November 1990, Alexia dated Russell Simmons. They had a pleasant night out that ended with an invitation to visit his new apartment in Manhattan. As Alexia recalls the incident during her visit, she got attacked and assaulted by Simmons. She said to Variety:

I didn’t want to go further. It was such a fast attack. It was literally an attack. Because he was overweight, I remember thinking it was like being attacked by a flabby walrus. I remember being pushed up against a wall. He pulled my dress up. I must have said no seven to 10 times, and then I acquiesced. It was very fast. I would say it happened in less than 10 minutes.

Alexia continued:

..When I saw him out after that, I wouldn’t even look him in the eyes. I thought he was garbage. But he still had the compunction to call me. I became very depressed. It eroded my self-esteem. This is the worst message that it sends, that somebody could in a different circumstance like you but think you are worthless. And he can just take it from you. It’s like the murder of the soul.

I’m a victim, but I didn’t end up living like a victim. The other thing that you do is you have to forgive. I ended up forgiving Russell simply for one reason: time.

Furthermore, she said:

I would run into him at social events decades later, and I saw a difference in him and the way he acted after he got clean. Russell doesn’t get to be my jailer

Since the allegation from Alexia Norton Jones, Simmons denies the accusation while his driver at the time said that he had taken them out for more than dozen times. He also said they had been together for nearly six months. However, Alexia claimed that she is not reporting the incident for gaining monetary damages but to speak against other victims women. She said:

I would have kept quiet forever. What made me come forward is his denials of violence toward other women. I don’t want any money from Russell. I’m not suing him.

she added:

 If you look at the women he allegedly assaulted, many of us have a similar look. It’s uncanny. Russell knew that the African-American community was behind him.

Alexia continued:

There are so few black men who make it, we wanted him to succeed. Yet there was also this huge betrayal. He counted on this silence.

Parents, Family, and Siblings

Alexia Norton was born in the Jones family to biracial parents Clarence and Ann Norton. Her father, Clarence was a speechwriter, the lawyer and good friend to Martin Luther King Jr.

Her parents got married in the year 1956 which was considered the first high society interracial weddings. She is the granddaughter of William Warder Norton who is the founder of W.W. Norton Company. Moreover, she has siblings: Christine and two brother Clarence Jr. Dana.

Wiki – Bio Facts: Age, Birthday, Ethnicity

Alexia Norton Jones is born in the city of Riverdale, New York in 1959. She is native American but hasn’t disclosed her birthday yet. However, her age could be 58/59.

Alexia belongs to African-American ethnicity.