Alex Honnold Thought Of Breaking-Up With His Girlfriend Amidst The ‘Free Solo’ Adventure!

On August 31, 2018, Free Solo, the biographical documentary movie premiered dauntless attempt of Alex Honnold, an American rock climber ascending EI Capitan.  Alex Honnold adores giant walls, long routes and questing them in short course of time. The only person to mount on perils of EI Capitan, Alex Honnold beholds the fastest track on accomplishing Yosemite Triple Crown. And people are eager to get familiar with Alex Honnold wiki

Let’s dig in Alex Honnold’s bio, wiki, net worth, height, married, wife, girlfriend, and parents.

Is Alex Honnold married? Who is Alex Honnold girlfriend?

The courageous hunk, Alex Honnold who mounts on every possible wall has a girlfriend, Sanni McCandless. He met McCandless at the dating apps. As per rock climber, Alex Honnold, his girlfriend was quite different, fancying arrays outdoors among the quirks. Alex Honnold is yet to taste married life with his lady love, Sanni McCandless.

 alex honnold bio,wiki, networth, height, married, wife, girlfriend, parents, 2018
Caption: Alex Honnold and Sanni McCandless Source: Las Vegas Weekly

26 years old, Sanni McCandless nodded her head to indulge in the documentary of Free Solo, a daunting act of mounting a 3,000-foot rock wall, without ropes. She left the job in Seattle and supported Alex Honnold for a death-defying ascent.

“It was the beginning of our relationship, so I think my concern was: ‘I wonder if this is gonna put weird pressure on us as a couple, “We were still getting to know each other.”

Everyone on the set thought that McCandless could be a distraction for Alex Honnold. Once, he suffered injuries while training to ascend the EI Capitan. He even considered spitting with her. But, Alex Honnold couldn’t draw a single reason for breaking up instead McCandless presence aided in healing Alex injuries and aspiration of being the only person to mount on perils of EI Capitan.

I mean, imagine you’re waking up to take on the most challenging physical experience of your life. If you wake up alone in a cold, dark van, you’re like, ‘I’ve gotta get out there and ascend and be rad!’ If you wake up next to a partner and you’re cozy, you’re happy — why go? Why put your life at risk?”

Alex Honnold Net Worth

Free Solo, which stars, Alex Honnold surpassed $300,804 from four theaters in its opening weekend. It gripped in the list of documentaries of all the time. The popularity of Alex grew with his solo of The Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome in the film Alone on the Wall. As mentioned earlier, he records the fastest track on completing Mount Watkins, The Nose, and the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome.

 alex honnold bio,wiki, networth, height, married, wife, girlfriend, parents, 2018
Caption: Alex Honnold on the expedition of half dome

Last year, he bought a house in Las Vegas. Before, he used to reside 2002 Ford Econoline E150 van so that he could only focus on mounting giant climbs. With appearances on the documentaries, 60 minutes program and doughty attempt, Alex Honnold net worth projects at $2 million. Isn’t that a hefty figure of net worth?

Alex Honnold Parents

He is the son of  Dierdre Wolownick Honnold and Charles Honnold. Who wouldn’t get apprehensive, when their son is in the middle of giant rocks without harness and ropes? Nonetheless, Alex Honnold parents were supportive of his choice in ascending to huge walls. His mother explained:

“Without it, my son wouldn’t be on the cover of National Geographic. Would he be alive, the way he is now? Or would he be biding time, like so many of us? Dying takes many forms. So makes a living. The hard part is recognizing them.”

Alex Honnold Wiki-Bio

He was born on August 17, 1985, in Sacramento, California. At the age of eleven, Alex inclined towards climbing. Well, he had a bright future at education with 4.7 GPA as Mira Loma High School Graduate. So, Alex thought of pursuing the career at engineering at the University of California Berkeley. But the inspiration for rock climbing led him to quit the engineering degree when he was nineteen.

He adores reading books: classic literature, environmentalism, and economics. Alex Honnold describes himself as aesthetic. He owns honors of Golden Piton, Underhill award for excellence in various fields of climbing and Special mention of Piolets d’Or.

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