Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Alex Bordyukov Wiki-bio: Girlfriend, Job, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height, & Trivia!

Back in 2017, Alex Bordyukov’s prince charms didn’t work for Rachel Lindsay in The Bachelorette. But, he earned entitlement of best dressed of the series. Surely, Alex Bordyukov rocks the patterned clothes, likewise paisley romper, Spider-man hoodie, purple tiger striped suit and numerous examples on Instagram. Is he bearing the similar agenda of pattern grace for the Bachelor in Paradise 2019?

The screen time of Alex Bordyukov was merely delicate in the Bachelorette 2017. Now, he might savor maximum presence with the spectators and affix into the favorite category of many wooing hearts. Let’s unbox everything of the Bachelor in Paradise’ Alex Bordyukov wiki, birthday, age, height, girlfriend, and net worth.

Who is Alex Bordyukov girlfriend?

He is a good-looking fitness fanatic. But, Alex hasn’t found the one yet. He thought of hunting down the Bachelorette for Rachel Lindsay. Unfortunately, he got into the safe side of small screen time, without wooing Rachel in 2017.

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No stronger bond than a captain and his boat!

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Caption: Alex Bordyukov searching for the right one on Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Alex Bordyukov described himself as “adaptable, logical and fun”. And also admitted he can be “selfish, unemotional and unapologetic”. So, what is his ideal type of girlfriend?

Alex is into a woman who “pursues him, an aggressive go-getter type”. Which contestant shall tune for Alex Bordyukov girlfriend traits on ‘Bachelor In Paradise 2019’. He is the only non-Australian native to hook the girls into his charms.

How much is Alex Bordyukov net worth?

According to an Instagram bio, he beholds the profession of fleet management. He is in accordance with commercial motor vehicles including the compliance of government regulations. Also, he is a TV personality, who appeared in the Bachelorette, the season’s of Rachel Lindsay in 2017.

Caption: Alex Bordyukov for Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Though he didn’t earn much screen time in the TV segment, he shall secure the misplacement for ‘Bachelor in Paradise 2019’. Even, Rachel and Bryan hoped for his TV appearances because of his quirkiness, smart traits, and comedic ticks. Fortunately, he will be seeking a life partner on the reality series, ‘Bachelor in Paradise 2019’.

Alex Bordyukov earnings are the deviation from fleet management, part-time modeling, and reality persona. However, Alex Bordyukov net worth is myriad of mystery as in 2019. The entertainment column shall fill in the gap of Alex Bordyukov net worth, soon.

Alex Bordyukov Wiki-bio:

31-year-old Alex Bordyukov is set to flourish his romantic aura on the beach in Fiji. Alex Bordyukov family hails from Russian descent and some of them still reside in the rural village there.

He is definitive of a tall, dark and handsome prince with a towering height of six feet and two inches. Alex has the wild side, where he ate a live salamander.

As mentioned earlier, he is the winner of ‘Best Dressed’ of the bachelor segment. His closet comprises of many pattern clothes, which he carries off, brilliantly.

“I’m honored, humbled, and overwhelmed to win this award for Best Dressed. I’d like to thank Amazon for continually making bold suggestions for my wardrobe, at reasonable prices. Thank you!”